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Vikan and the Vissing Foundation

Business with a wider perspective

90% of the shares in Vikan are owned by the Vissing Foundation (Vissing Fonden), a non-profit charitable family foundation set up in 1979. This unusual ownership structure has a key influence on our company values and our way of doing business. We do not jump on fads or rush into things for the short-term gain, instead we aim to always do right by our customers and make long-term efforts to create lasting improvements.

The foundation’s work is a constant source of pride and inspiration for all of us at Vikan – part of the proverbial “making a difference” ambitions we have at Vikan.

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The Vissing Foundation supports three purposes

Spot 1_Medical Research

Medical Research

The Vissing Foundation has a long tradition of supporting cancer and diabetes research projects. The activities include providing funding for near-patient research in disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment in Denmark.

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Spot 2_Energy Research

Sustainable Energy Research

Support for sustainable energy for all, focusing on the use of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies. Sustainable energy is not just the focus of the Vissing Foundation. It is one of the UN's 17 global goals.

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Spot 3_Children and young people

Marginalised children and young people

Support for projects and activities that can contribute to a positive change in the lives of children and young people in Denmark who are experiencing difficult living conditions.

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Funded projects