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Materials and waste management make a difference

The materials we use and the way we treat product waste has a large impact on our carbon footprint, so we strive to make sustainable choices.

Product lifetime optimisation

To secure the longest possible product lifetime, Vikan manufactures high-quality, durable tools. To encourage product longevity, Vikan also offers guidance on tool use and maintenance and provides an extensive range of tool racks and shadow boards that can help tools last longer. Learn more about optimising the lifetime of your tools with our information hub and our blog.

Product Lifetime Optimisation
Product take-back programme

Product take-back programme

Along with an outside partner, we developed a recycling system for multi-material products that are internally scrapped. We are also working on a product take-back programme in which end-users will send Vikan their end-of-life tools for recycling.

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Waste Guide

Vikan products are designed to be durable and long-lasting. This means that our tools can be used for longer periods of time, thereby reducing waste. We always offer our customers information on the most environmentally friendly way to recycle or discard Vikan products and packaging.

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Sustainable packaging solutions

In Denmark, Vikan has invested in a “Pack Size Machine” that cuts cardboard boxes for shipment into the exact size required, using less cardboard and plastic filler. For the plastic used in our product packaging, we commit to using plastic containing recycled or regenerated plastics (please note that this transition process is in its first stage. We still need to convert plastic packaging on products from suppliers [those not produced by Vikan]).

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