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Privacy Policy – Vikan

Data security and privacy is a high priority for Vikan A/S, CVR (business registration) no. 10290147, registered office address Rævevej 1, 7800 Skive, Denmark, ('Vikan' or 'we'). This privacy policy lays down clear guidelines for Vikan's processing of your personal data.

In the following we explain how we use the information that you provide us with or leave behind when using the various services in our apps and on the website, including the Website Behind Login (the 'Website').

Vikan A/S is data controller for the personal data collected and processed.

1. Collection of personal data

When you have any dealings with us, we may collect personal data about you. If we request information from you, we will always state if providing the data is voluntary or mandatory in order to complete the requested action.

The types of personal data collected may generally include:

  • Contact details, including name, email address, telephone number and similar personal identifying information
  • Position/title and company
  • Information on business relationship, including order record and correspondence
  • Profile information in case you create a profile or account with us, including username and password
  • User information such as technical data regarding usage and viewing, including IP addresses when you visit our websites or applications, including on third party sites
  • Interests
  • App version

We collect personal data in one or more of the following cases:

  • When you create a user account
  • When you register for Vikan's newsletter
  • When you enter into a business relationship with Vikan
  • When you visit us at our physical premises, e.g. our factory
  • When you visit us in connection with events, etc.
  • When you submit a new product idea
  • When you use the chat function or comment on blog posts
  • When you use Vikan's other functions and services
  • When you request a product sample
  • When you request a meeting with a salesperson
  • When you download content (Whitepapers, brochures, guides etc.)
  • When you download and use our apps

2. Use of personal data

Personal data is collected and used for the following purposes:

  • Generally, to plan, perform and manage the business relationship, including any contracts
  • Creating and managing your user account on the Website Behind Login and our apps
  • To send newsletters or other marketing material and other promotional activities
  • Evaluating your product idea
  • To provide general customer service and support
  • Statistics and analysis
  • Product and service development
  • Organising appointments
  • Ongoing business communication
  • To gain customer insights and knowledge of how our various services, including websites and applications, and products are used
  • Making our apps and the services provided in the apps available to you

We may also process your personal data for other purposes if we are entitled or obliged to do so according to law or if we process the data with a view to establishing or defending legal claims.

3. Basis for processing your personal data

The processing of your personal data will primarily be necessary for the performance of a contract (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR).

In addition, we process your personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest in carrying out customer service, sales and marketing activities, developing existing and new services and products, making our apps and services available to you, conducting analyses and compiling statistics on our customer segments and products (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR).

The processing of your personal data will in some cases be necessary to comply with legal obligations, such as our obligations to prevent illegal activity (Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR).

The processing may also be necessary to establish, exercise or defend legal claims (Article 6(1)(f) and Article 9(2)(f) of the GDPR).

In exceptional cases and only when no other legal basis can be applied, Vikan may ask separately for your consent to process your personal data, e.g. in relation to newsletters (Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR).

4. Sharing of your personal data

To fulfil the above purposes, we may provide access to your personal data for third parties who, on the basis of a contractual relationship with Vikan, provide relevant services to Vikan, e.g. IT providers, providers of newsletter distribution systems and email providers. Such service providers will only process personal data in accordance with our instructions pursuant to the data processor agreements entered into.

In connection with Vikan’s development, the company structure may change, e.g. through a full or partial sale of Vikan. In case of a partial hand over of assets containing personal data, the legal basis for the related disclosure of personal data is, as a general rule, Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR, as Vikan has a legitimate interest in handing over part of its assets as well as making commercial changes.

Furthermore, personal data necessary to complete a delivery will be disclosed to a carrier chosen by Vikan. Your personal data may also be disclosed to Vikan's group companies and distribution partners. Such disclosure will primarily be necessary for the performance of a contract in accordance with Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR.

Aside from above, it is a general rule that your personal data is not disclosed to a third party without your permission. However, in some situations and in compliance with statutory requirements, it may be necessary to disclose information to judicial authorities. Disclosure of your personal data may also take place if such disclosure is required in order to establish or defend legal claims in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

If your personal data is transferred to data processors or data controllers established in countries outside the EU/EEA which does not have an adequate level of protection, such transfer will mainly be based on the EU Commission’s Standard Contracts.

5. Deletion of personal data

Your personal data will be deleted when it is no longer needed for one or more of the purposes mentioned above. The personal data may, however, be processed and stored for a longer period of time if anonymised or if we are obliged to do so according to law. Personal data relating to contracts will be kept for three years after the contract is terminated in order to defend potential claims.

Personal data included in accounting records is kept for up to ten years from the end of the financial year to which the records relate.

Personal data collected in connection with business, support or other commercial activities will be stored as long as such data is relevant for the handling and monitoring of the issue in question. The retention period will typically be commensurate with the period laid down in the rules on limitation of legal claims or the duration of our business relationship.

Personal data collected via apps will be kept in accordance with the above-mentioned deletion process.

If you have signed up to our newsletter, we will in general store the personal data related to the permission for two years from latest use. If you unsubscribe our newsletter, we will keep your personal data for two years from the unsubscription for documentation purposes, after which your personal data will be deleted.

6. Cookies

We use cookies on our Website and applications. You can read more about the use of cookies in our Cookie Policy, which you can find here or on the footer of each landing page.

7. Storage and security

We have implemented security measures to ensure that our internal procedures meet our high security policy standards. We will use all our best efforts to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data.

8. Links to other websites etc.

Our Website and apps may contain links to other websites or to integrated websites. We are not responsible for the content of third-party websites or their personal data collection practices. When you visit third-party websites, you should read the proprietor's privacy policy and other relevant policies.

9. Your rights

You have the right to request access to the personal data held about you at any time, subject to certain statutory exceptions. You also have the right to object to the data collection and further processing of the personal data held about you. In addition, you have the right to request that your personal data be corrected, deleted or blocked. You may also request us to restrict the processing of your personal data.

Under certain circumstances you may also request to receive a copy of your personal data as well as the transmission of your personal data which you have provided us with to another data controller (data portability).

In connection with inquiries as to your rights, we ask you to kindly provide us with sufficient information for us to be able to handle your inquiry, including your full name and your email address to the effect that we will be able to determine your identity and reply to your inquiry. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible and within one month at the latest.

10. Withdrawal of consent/account closure

In certain circumstances, we process your personal data on the basis of your consent, e.g. in relation to newsletters. You may at all times withdraw any consent you may have given to Vikan.

Should you wish to withdraw your consent you may contact us at With respect to newsletters, you may also use the “unsubscribe link” in the email or other communications which you receive from us.

Withdrawing your consent does not affect the legitimacy of the processing that took place prior to such withdrawal.

If you want to close your user account on the Website Behind Login, you can contact us at

If you withdraw your consent or want to close your user account, we will then cease processing your personal data, unless we are entitled or obliged to continue our processing or storage of your personal data on another basis, including pursuant to the law.

11. Contact

If you want to exercise any of your rights or if you have any questions concerning this privacy policy, you may contact us at

12. Complaints procedure

If you want to lodge a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, you can always contact us by email at You can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby via telephone +45 33 19 32 00 or e-mail

13. Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy from time to time. When updated, the date at the bottom of the privacy policy will be updated accordingly. The, at all times, applicable privacy policy will be available at our Website. In the event of significant changes, you will be notified via email.

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