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Alasdair Scott
Alasdair Scott
Regional Export Manager

Why does Vikan have an export office in Copenhagen?

The Vikan export office in Copenhagen may at times resemble an airport with many people of different nationalities and activities coming and going. But is it really necessary for a Danish company firmly rooted in the town of Skive in western Denmark to have an office in Copenhagen? It may not seem so.  However, Vikan is much more than a solid Danish company; Vikan has exports to more than 75 countries worldwide.

In countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Japan and Russia, Vikan has its own organisation, which makes it easier to maintain direct contact with our distributors and end-customers. This is not the case for the remaining approx. 70 countries all over the world, where Vikan unfortunately cannot be represented on a daily basis. In these markets, Vikan enjoys the privilege of working with stable partners who think, feel and dream Vikan 24/7. We want to be closer to these highly motivated people to be able to support them in the best possible way – this was unfortunately a challenge when our export department was based in Skive.

For those unfamiliar with the town of Skive, where Vikan has its head office and primary production, I can tell you that it is a fantastic town surrounded by beautiful countryside and where you feel truly welcome. However, the travel time from Skive to international destinations is longer than from major cities such as Copenhagen. Before we set up our Copenhagen office, customer visits therefore had to be carefully planned in order to avoid wasted time during journeys.

Following the establishment of our export office in Copenhagen, we have not only reduced our travel time when we go and see our distributors and end-customers, we have also reduced their travel time when they visit us. This makes it easier for us to keep all our business partners informed about the numerous initiatives we are launching on a regular basis. In addition, the office also enables us to bring together both our partners and Vikan colleagues from the rest of the organisation for seminars and courses, thereby maintaining and increasing knowledge levels and making it possible for everybody to stay updated on any relevant changes, primarily in the food industry.

Why Copenhagen, you may wonder. Why not London, Paris, Berlin or New York? Firstly, we need to be close to our experts in the fields of hygiene, marketing, plastics, product development and production, who are primarily based in Skive. From an office in Copenhagen, it is easier for our export team to draw on these resources than it would be from a location abroad. In addition, Copenhagen is a dynamic and vibrant city that is constantly developing and striving to excel – just like Vikan.

Our Copenhagen office has a fully equipped showroom to facilitate discussions with international partners, but the showroom is also frequently used by our colleagues, especially from Denmark and Sweden, e.g. for in-depth presentations of Vikan’s comprehensive range.

Vikan Colour Coding Boards with Products

The export office thus supports the entire sales department, and has become an important hub, not only for sales, but for the entire Vikan organisation.