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Andy Freer
Andy Freer
National Sales Manager, UK

Vikan top-adjustable handle – for those in the know!

Quite often when I am visiting a cleaning company, municipality, trade fair or workplace, a cleaner will come up to me and say spontaneously: “just so you know, your handles are the best!” Sometimes I am simply too flattered to do more than smile and say thanks. But it’s also nice to hear why people like our handles so much. 
And the answer is always the same – it’s just so easy to adjust the height. All it takes is one push of a button! Amazing!

I have never worked as a cleaner myself, so when I first started at Vikan it was difficult for me to fully understand why this was so unique and so great for the user. But over the years I have heard so many spontaneous testimonies from real professionals who spend several hours a day with a mop in their hands and who really know what they are talking about – people who know what sets a truly great mop handle apart from the rest. My many, many conversations with real users have given me insights that I would otherwise never have gotten to hear about or understand. The fact that many users are able to adjust the handle by a centimetre or two and thereby achieve a more comfortable posture is exactly what ergonomic and varied working is all about in practice. It means users can avoid being locked into a particular posture that starts to cause pain and discomfort in the back, shoulders and arms. And they can then quickly and easily readjust the handle with a quick push of the button, so they can reach under that large conference table, without having to bend their backs and work in an uncomfortable position.

Then add the fact that the handle is made from an insulating, easy-grip surface that feels comfortable to hold and which isn’t affected by temperature changes in the same way as an aluminium handle would be. You can ask anyone in Sweden where the temperature regularly falls to many degrees below zero in the winter time, just how comfortable it is to grab hold of the handle when you’re walking outside past buildings.

The thick rubber ring at the top of the handle means that it still stands upright when you set it aside. The mere mention of this rather simple information during a presentation to cleaning company employees often provokes a chorus of nods in agreement and understanding from the participants.

And when I mention the handle together with the Vikan composite mop frame, even more positive comments start rolling in. But I’ll leave that one for next time ... :-)


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Here at Vikan, we are always moving forward in our endeavours to develop our products. The performance of our handle is about to get even better! It will become more lightweight, and the button on it will be larger and easier to push. Two small adjustments that will bring huge ergonomic advantages and create added value for our user in their daily work, and hopefully result in even more great stories from satisfied customers.

It truly is incredibly satisfying to sell equipment to real professionals who know what they’re talking about.

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