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The Vikan
Hygienic Hi-Flex
Wall Bracket

Store cleaning tools and utensils
more flexibly and safely

Whether you produce, process, serve or sell food, proper cleaning-tool and utensil storage is critical to meeting hygiene and tool-maintenance standards. 
That is what the Vikan Hi-Flex Wall Bracket System is all about.

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Hygienic Hi-Flex
Wall Bracket System

Item Number 1011x

  • Flexibly stores up to 5 products
  • Easily replaces existing solution
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Single Hook

Item Number 1012x

  • For any product with a hanging hole
  • Store products even in very small spaces
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Spot image_1013x

Grip Band

Item Number 1013x

  • Holds any product with a handle
  • Store products even in very small spaces
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Spot image_1014x

Double Hook

Item Number 1014x

  • Meets demand for single/double product storage
  • Store any product even in small spaces
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Spot image_1004x

Spare part hook
for 1011x, 1012x & 1014x

Item Number 1004x

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3 Spare part rubber bands
for 1011x & 1013x

Item Number 1002x

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Spot image_1003x

Spare part grip band module
for 1011x & 1013x

Item Number 1003x

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Unique features

  • Unmatched flexibility

  • High durability

  • Quick, easy installation

  • Hygienic design

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

Serious benefits

  • Locate tools more quickly and easily

  • Extend tool service life by minimising damage

  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination (microbes, allergens etc.)

  • Provide evidence to auditors of equipment care and control

Watch how easy it is to install 
the wall bracket system and single/double modules!
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Animation 1012x_1013x_1014x_image
1011x_How to clean_Video_image

How to clean

Potential cleaning situation of Vikan Hi-Flex Wall bracket.

See how it works!


Storage matters!

Proper storage of your cleaning tools and utensils is a critical part of maintaining hygiene and tool-maintenance standards. Our flexible wall bracket solutions make hygienic storage easier than ever – helping you prevent cross-contamination while protecting your equipment. Find out more!

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