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It’s clean and tidy at Skallerup Seaside Resort

It’s clean and tidy at Skallerup Seaside Resort” – This is what visitors often say about the north Jutland seaside resort. In fact, the satisfaction rate is an impressive 99.5%. This makes the resort’s service manager Carsten Østergaard Nielsen a happy man. He has no doubt that Vikan’s cleaning tools make an important contribution to this overall assessment. There is a good match between Skallerup Seaside Resort’s high standards of hygiene, the efficient cleaning tools and the skilled cleaners who use them.

It always makes us really happy to hear from satisfied customers. We think Skallerup Seaside Resort's positive experiences with, for example, our EasyShine Kit, the detail brush and efficient floor mops are well worth sharing.

"About a year and a half ago we started replacing our mops, cloths and cleaning tools. We chose Vikan, as they provided excellent advice and product presentations.

Their Easy shine kit for window cleaning stands out in particular, as it is no longer necessary for us to use window spray. Also, our large windows at the resort are gleaming, simply from using water and Vikan window mops.
The detail brush has also helped a lot. It makes cleaning all the tricky edges around washbasins and toilets very easy.
Our microfiber cloths are exclusively Vikan Original Cloths, 32 x 32 cm, with different colours for different tasks.
All our mops are carried in grey, 40 cm wide Vikan Complete mop boxes/prep kits.

The entire resort is cleaned and tidied every single day, and our 282 holiday homes are cleaned more than once a week, which simply wouldn’t be possible without Vikan’s professional cleaning tools.

Customer satisfaction couldn’t be higher – over the past four weeks we have had guests in 1,334 holiday homes with a satisfaction rate of 100%.

On Tripadvisor, visitors often write “Clean and tidy” in describing their experience".

Carsten Østergaard Nielsen
Service Manager, Skallerup Seaside Resort