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A Clean Store
is a Safer Store

Vikan can help you protect
customers and
employees with
hygiene and food safety

Hygiene is the critical factor

For food retailers everywhere, Covid-19 has now become a part of life.
Improved hygiene is the only way forward, and as acknowledged experts in the field, we can help – with knowledge, tools and advice. 

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Drawing on decades of experience in the food processing industry, we can help you improve customer safety, employee safety and food safety.
And yes, we can help you stand up to Covid-19!

for greater food safety

Colour-coding can be used to ensure food safety by using colour to segregate tools for use with specific hazards, in specific processes, and in different zones in your store.
This segregation minimises the risk of cross-contamination from microorganisms, food debris, allergens, chemicals and foreign bodies.

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A cleaner, safer store – zone by zone

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