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Dry Snacks Ready-To-Eat 

Snacking is on the rise! Boost your business with support from Vikan

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Popcorn, peanuts, or pretzels; crisps, crackers, or cereal bars – no-one can resist a tasty snack. With many years of hygiene expertise Vikan can help keep your customers coming back for more.

The global snack food market was valued at 427.02 Billion USD in 2020 and is projected to grow significantly over the next 5 years. Dry and low moisture snacks, like crisps (or chips), cereal bars, and dried fruit are popular and convenient snacks in many parts of the world. Maintaining the quality and integrity of these products is key to ensuring consumer satisfaction and safety and that’s where Vikan can help.

Whether your dry snacks are sweet or savoury, maintaining them at optimum quality requires careful control of moisture throughout production. Excess moisture in the production environment can lead to poor product quality, spoilage, and waste.
Vikan are experts in dry cleaning and support some of the world’s largest dry (and low moisture) snack manufactures. Our comprehensive range of manual cleaning tools - including brushes, dustpans, scrapers, and microfibre mops and cloths, provide all you need to facilitate both dry and controlled wet cleaning in your dry production environment. 

Selecting the right cleaning tools 

Before you select a cleaning tool, there are certain key factors to consider. 
Vikan products are purpose-designed precision tools, making it very important to choose just the right tool for any given job. 

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Suggested Products for 
Dry Snacks Processing

Dry snacks processing requires strict adherence to sanitation rules and regulations. Tools from Vikan are made out of tough, compliant materials such as polypropylene and stainless steel. Unlike foamed plastic or wooden tools, our high-quality products have smooth surfaces for easy clean-up and better hygiene.
Our tools are hygienically designed, which makes them easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria.

Vikan tools come in up to twelve colours, making them ideal for integration with colour-coded plans. Colour-coding helps prevent cross-contamination between raw and finished products, as well as keeping allergens separated.

Regardless of your operation’s size and complexity, Vikan has the tools and expertise to help you execute your colour-coding plans.

Foreign body control

We know that another key challenge faced by the dry/low moisture snacks industry is the risk of foreign bodies in your product. One source of these foreign bodies can be the cleaning and food handling equipment you use. That’s why our quality products include a selected range of metal detectable, food contact compliant, food handling equipment, and our unique UST brushware (designed to minimise the risk of bristle loss). Many of our products are also available in a range of colours to aid visual detection of foreign bodies in the product.

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Allergen safety

And finally, like most other food manufacturers, we know that you face additional challenges associated with the production of allergen-free snacks, where control of product cross-contamination is essential for both consumer safety, and compliance with legal and labelling requirements. Again, Vikan are here to help with advice on colour-coded segregation of areas and equipment to help ensure this control.

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