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Stine Lønnerup Bislev
Stine Lønnerup Bislev
Hygiene and Compliance Manager

As the Hygiene and Compliance Manager at Vikan, my job involves helping make sure that you can use our hygiene products safely in the food industry. Part of my job requires keeping up to date about the very latest legislative requirements in relation to materials that come into contact with food.

Declarations of Compliance about Vikan products are one of the important legal requirements we have to comply with. As part of the process of preparing these, I have to assemble the necessary documentation from our raw material suppliers in order to make completely sure that they comply with all the relevant legal requirements. In addition, I plan and coordinate the migration tests carried out on Vikan products. The results from these migration tests and the documentation from our suppliers together provide me with the necessary basis for composing and maintaining the Vikan Declarations of Compliance.

To keep up with changing legislation and other increasingly stringent requirements that apply to our products, I regularly participate in courses and seminars that deal with food contact materials. This helps us ensure Vikan customers the highest level of food safety. I enjoy supporting our sales team and customer service staff so they’re able to provide Vikan distributors and end-users with the right documentation.

In addition to the product compliance part of my job, I’m also involved in a wide range of hygiene-related activities. For example, I provide hygiene training about a number of food safety-related topics, such as food microbiology and food contact regulations, both in-house here at Vikan and to external groups. It’s also important that I participate in relevant food safety seminars, conferences and network groups in order to access and share appropriate knowledge and know-how, to network with the right people and to get even better informed about the specific food safety issues our customers are facing – both now and in the future. I put this knowledge to use in preparing appropriate food safety-related documentation and articles to support our customers.

As you can see, my workday is indeed varied and it’s great that I can put both my food industry experience and research background to good use in my position as Hygiene and Compliance Manager at Vikan.

My professional background

Prior to joining Vikan, I worked with quality assurance in a global dairy ingredients company. My responsibilities included dealing with quality and food safety issues, product specifications, product complaints and customer audits from customers in the food processing sector.

Before that, I worked at Aarhus University, Denmark, where I was involved in research within milk protein science, proteomics and microbiology. I have a PhD in protein science and an MSc in biotechnology.

What can you expect from my blog posts?

Food safety – including cleaning, hygiene, foreign body management and documentation – are essential in any food production setup. That’s why my forthcoming blog posts will cover topics related to food contact documentation, hygiene and food safety, all intended to help Vikan customers and Vikan distributors establish and maintain the highest levels of food safety.