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We’ve built a company around keeping our customers and the public safe

From our robust Knowledge Centre and expert webinars to the way we design our products, Vikan is invested in helping our customers keep their products and environments cleaner and safer.

Food Safety Education

Food safety education

We utilise internal and external resources to develop, maintain, and freely share hygiene and food safety training, presentations, and publications to increase knowledge and awareness of critical issues.
We offer webinars, white papers, and blog posts about sanitation, hygiene, and food safety, specifically in food production and food retail environments.

Webinar Archive

Food safety support

Vikan can conduct site visits for end-users and give specific cleaning and food safety recommendations. We can also offer recommendations on setting up colour-coding plans that aid in segregating hazards and minimising risk. We continuously develop and maintain our customer support materials, offering documents of compliance, and up-to-date information regarding MOSH/MOAH, REACH, PFAS, and bisphenol, and provide allergen-free, kosher, and halal statements.

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Food Safety Support
DoC and migration testing

Declarations of compliance & migration Testing

Each of our food-contact-compliant tools comes with a declaration of compliance and migration testing as our guarantee that our tools contain no toxic substances that could contaminate food. Vikan DoCs are clear, easy to read, easily accessible, and always up-to-date.

BPA & PFAS-free materials

Vikan strives to avoid the intentional addition of specific substances of concern to human health such as PFAS, phthalates, and bisphenols. The status for each product is added onto the data sheet with a focus on products that are approved for food contact. For our Hygiene and UST ranges, we have supplier statements that there is an absence of these materials.

BPA and PFAS-free materials
REACH compliance

REACH compliance

Vikan complies with REACH regulations and monitors any addition to the materials we use. This is added to the data sheet and, when relevant, the substances are included along with their SCIP registration. Please note—the only products we currently have that are out of compliance with REACH are our couplings.

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Safe and hygienic tool storage

Appropriate storage of the cleaning tools and utensils used in food production is an essential part of ensuring food safety and hygiene. The use of colour-coded tools and storage systems is fundamental for food safety control. Additionally, they minimise the risk of tools being left on the floor and creating a trip hazard. In 2023, we delivered 2,803 shadow boards, which is 1,100 more than in 2022.

Vikan Shadow Boards

Hygienic Hi-Flex Wall Bracket System


Workplace Safety and Ergonomics
Tool Ergonomics

Tool ergonomics

We appreciate that our tools are used extensively by the food industry and that, consequently, they need to be designed with ergonomics in mind to ensure the health and safety of those using them. As part of our new and improved product development process we utilise the expertise of Arbejdsmiljø Eksperten, an organisation dedicated to providing advice regarding ergonomic design. Their comprehensive investigation of our tools continues to guide our future product design.