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Employees make the company

From the physical to the mental, our employees’ health is always part of the way we do business. We are committed to providing a working environment that prioritises the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees.

Employee Training

Employee training

In Denmark and the US, new employees receive safety training as a part of the onboarding program. In our production and warehouse facilities, we have monthly meetings for all employees that integrate safety training.

Incident Reporting

Vikan employees are encouraged to report safety-related incidents, including near-misses that don’t result in any harm. 

Incident reporting
Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace

We offer several health-promoting initiatives. These initiatives vary based on the country. In Denmark, we give financial support for proactive health treatments and sport activities, as well as beneficial health insurance for our employees. Work/life balance is important at Vikan, and we want our employees to thrive both physically and mentally.