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Who we are

Vikan is the world’s leading supplier of hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry and other hygiene-sensitive environments.

With headquarters in Denmark and over a century of experience, we’ve amassed the industry’s biggest bank of hygiene and regulatory insights, and used this to develop the world’s most effective professional cleaning tools and advisory services. All to make sure that our customers can deliver each and every product they manufacture with pride and confidence.

When you do business with Vikan, you can count on a hygiene partner that is acknowledged worldwide for professional tools, expert advice, functional design, superior quality and a pioneering spirit.


Our purpose

We help keep food production and other hygiene-sensitive
environments cleaner and safer.

The Vikan perspective

“When Vikan visits a food processing plant, we see it through a different set of eyes. Where some see equipment and raw materials, we see risks and opportunities. Where some see brushes, brooms and mops, we see solutions to hygiene challenges. Where some say “your work,” we say “your purpose.” Because people who clean these facilities or otherwise work with hygiene are on the front line of keeping our food a delight to serve and safe to eat.”

— Carsten Bo Pedersen, Vikan Group Managing Director 

Our brand values

Majority-owned by a charitable family foundation, Vikan is a value-driven company.





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World map - Global Reach

Global Reach 

Vikan is a global force in the cleaning industry, with sales of professional-grade cleaning tools in more than 90 countries. Despite our global reach, we operate with a local business mindset that always puts customers first.

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Vikan Hygiene colour coding range

Vikan’s Hygiene range of colour-coded cleaning tools are used by food & beverage companies worldwide to ensure cleaning tool segregation and improve food safety.

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Microfiber Banner

Vikan microfibre range

Vikan supplies high-quality microfiber mops and cloths, plus dustpans, trolleys and more to make cleaning easier and more efficient for restaurants, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and other public buildings.

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Transport Banner Image

Vikan transport range

The Vikan Transport range includes more than 70 professional cleaning tools designed to help you clean the interior and exterior of any type of vehicle effectively and efficiently.

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