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Vikan and quality

At Vikan, we are proud of our reputation for delivering products of consistently high quality. But quality doesn’t come automatically or easily, and our reputation for superior quality has been hard won. It is something we think about every day. It is deeply ingrained within the Vikan corporate culture.

One thing that sets our approach to quality apart is that we don’t start the traditional way with ourselves and the products we make. Instead we start with our customers – the people who rely on our products to carry out their critical work with hygiene. Our work with quality starts with your experience as a customer.

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Vikan Quality System


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Vikan Hygiene colour coding range

Vikan’s Hygiene range of colour-coded cleaning tools are used by food & beverage companies worldwide to ensure cleaning tool segregation and improve food safety.

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Vikan microfibre range

Vikan supplies high-quality microfiber mops and cloths, plus dustpans, trolleys and more to make cleaning easier and more efficient for restaurants, hospitals, schools, supermarkets and other public buildings.

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Vikan transport range

The Vikan Transport range includes more than 70 professional cleaning tools designed to help you clean the interior and exterior of any type of vehicle effectively and efficiently.

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