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We want you!

Unique in the professional cleaning tool industry, Vikan incorporates customer ideas and feedback at many stages of our product development process. In a very real sense, Vikan products are your products. We want and need you to get involved.

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Product development

Customer co-development

Our customer co-development programme makes sure your voice is heard
at critical junctures in the product-development process.


Ideas and requests

  • Share your ideas for new and improved solutions
  • Ask us to help you solve your cleaning challenges
  • Arrange a factory visit so we can see your challenge and discuss it with you


Prototype testing

  • We produce and test 3D printed prototypes in our lab in Denmark
  • We involve customers in the assessment of early production samples
  • We make adjustments based on test results and customer feedback


Usage monitoring

  • Following launch, we monitor product performance in the field
  • We ask customers to participate in case studies
  • We react to user feedback to initiate further improvements and new product development
Vikan Edge Movie

See how it works

Watch the video to see how we collaborate with customers on new and improved products.

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