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Clean more
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Microfibre cleaning applications

The Vikan Microfibre range was specially developed to enable you to clean more effectively and control bacteria with less effort. 


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Major savings


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Save water

Microfibre cloths and mops trap as much as 99.9% of bacteria and dirt, using only small amounts of water. In fact, it only takes 1.5 litres of water to clean a 250m2 floor with a Vikan Microfibre mop.

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Save time

Whether damp or dry, Vikan professional microfibre mops are very easy to use, enabling you to clean more floor space faster.

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Save hassle

A simple click system enables contact-free mop head changes and removal. This is particularly beneficial in hospitals and clinics.

 Quality guaranteed   

Vikan microfibre products are manufactured at our own facility in Estonia, so we are able to ensure consistently superior quality. All our microfibre products are designed to withstand heavy use, and we provide a 500x wash-and-use guarantee with most of our fabrics.  

The Vikan Microfibre range

We provide a full range of microfibre-based cleaning solutions, including:

Cleaning with Vikan Microfibre

Watch this video for advice about using Vikan microfibre products in general.

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See how it works

Peer Baech-Laursen, product manager for our Microfibre range, highlights some of the benefits of using Vikan Microfibre kits, mops, handles and frames.

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Case stories

Olives Et Al

Case story - Olives Et Al

After a 4-week trial period, Olives Et Al chose Vikan’s Slimliner Trolley and pre-prepared mops and cloths to help boost cleaning efficiency.

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Microfibre Range

Case story - UCLH

UCL Hospitals were looking for an effective way to remove bacteria, and settled on Vikan’s high-quality, ultra-efficient Microfibre range.

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