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Amit Kheradia - Education and Technical Support Manager

ABC’s of Manual Cleaning - Part III: How does Manual Cleaning Work?

In this third part of our six-part Blog on cleaning, we address the key question: how is the manual cleaning process typically implemented?

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Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Five steps to control Salmonella in a food processing facility

What foods do you associate with Salmonella? Most likely your answer will be raw meat and eggs, not flour or nuts. Nevertheless, Salmonella is a very resistant bacterium and can survive in all kinds of foods.

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Updating Campden BRI Guideline 55

One of the great things about working for an organisation like Vikan is that I get to support the food industry and advance food safety through many different avenues. During 2019 I was involved with a one year CampdenBRI Member funded research project to update their Guidelin...

Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Avoid the colour-coding pitfalls

This blog post focuses on how you avoid the worst potential pitfalls of a new colour-coding system.

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Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Mechanical action – an essential factor in biofilm removal

Do you know how important the mechanical action applied during cleaning is in removing biofilms? If you don’t already know, you’ll find the answer here.

Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

11 useful tips for colour-coding in your facility

Here are some of the key things to be aware of when you’re planning to colour code.

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Manual cleaning has never been more important

Advice to hotels, restaurants and catering (HoReCa) establishments on hygiene measures prior to re-opening.

Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

COVID-19 : Protecting key food industry workers from infection

The global COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact on us all. To ensure the continued provision of key products and services at this time, governments around the world have identified ‘key workers’ whose activities are critical to the COVID-19 response.

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Amit Kheradia - Education and Technical Support Manager

Food Handling Utensils as Pieces in the Food Safety Puzzle

Food handling utensils like buckets, scoops, scrapers, and shovels play an essential role in food processing environments. As food contact surfaces themselves, food handling utensils should possess characteristics that enhance food safety rather than create additional risks.

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Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Why should your cleaning tools and utensils be colour coded?

Why should your cleaning tools and utensils be colour coded? It is a question we’re often asked, even though it makes sense to many. Here is how we answer the question.

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Control of foreign bodies from cleaning equipment and utensils

This blog post provides information on selection and maintenance of food industry cleaning tools and utensils, with regard to minimising the risk of product contamination by foreign bodies.

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Matt Rumble - Area Sales Manager

Outstanding Ultra Safe Technology cleaning standard

Easy to clean Vikan Ultra Safe Technology products have delivered an outstanding cleaning standard for a large UK deli and meats manufacturer.

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Krister Johansson - Area Sales Manager - Sweden

Dealing with glass debris in food processing operations

Food industry customers often ask us about the best way to clean up glass breakages and the resulting debris. Fortunately, Vikan has experienced Customer Service and Technical Sales Teams, and a dedicated Hygiene Team ready to help you with good practical advice about this.

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Derk Brumma - Sales Manager Germany

Consistency counts for hygiene management at Refresco

Cross-plant colour coding for hygiene equipment boosts effectiveness in four Refresco beverage bottling plants in Germany.

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Optimise your allergen control through use of colour

How to minimise allergen cross-contamination using colour-coded equipment and colour-coded site segregation.

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Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Vikan DoCs – proof of food-contact-safe cleaning tools

Vikan Declarations of Compliance(DoC) are your guarantee that Vikan plastic cleaning equipment and food handling tools contain no toxic substances that could contaminate food. Vikan DoCs are clear, easy to read and always up to date.

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Dr Phil Voysey - Section Manager, Microbiology Department, Campden BRI

Cleaning equipment and its importance in the control of Listeria in food production

Get valuable insights from Dr. Phil Voysey to where to look for listeria in a food production and how to prevent cleaning tools from cross contaminating. Learn more about listeria and read Dr. Phil Voysey’s blog post here.

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

What’s in a brush?

What’s in a brush? Well, it’s a question we take very seriously – and quite literally. As a matter of fact, you can trace the entire 120-year history of our company by examining the materials that comprise the products we make.

Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Listeria, its most common hideouts, and where to clean

If you produce chilled, ready-to-eat foods, you’ll need to know where you have to clean to avoid food contamination. This post details the most common Listeria hideouts – and how to clean for this dangerous bacteria.

Cedric Reynier - Marketing Manager, France

Benefit from the full Vikan experience with a Vikan site survey

Today, the best way to make your investment in Vikan profitable is to have a customised site survey carried out. In sectors with high hygiene requirements, such as food preparation environments, the inspection of cleaning equipment is essential in any effective hygiene man...

Andy Freer - National Sales Manager, UK

What makes Vikan different?

During our travels and many site visits, we are often asked: “What makes Vikan different from our competitors?” Well, the short answer is our company’s purpose.

Cedric Reynier - Marketing Manager, France

Buckets, buckets everywhere

Don’t rush. Take a breath and start paying careful attention to the buckets in used in the food and beverage sector.

Alasdair Scott - Area Sales Manager – Scotland, Ireland and Northern England

Hygiene Tool Storage – what’s right for you?

Storage of cleaning equipment is a hot topic within the food industry and quite rightly so! What are the best options available for you?

Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Which squeegee do I choose?

Finding the right Vikan squeegee for the right job helps you raise hygiene standards as well as boosting your employees’ job satisfaction.

Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

What should you look for in a Declaration of Compliance?

What information is mandatory in a Declaration of Compliance (DoC)? The nine items you need in a DoC.