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The Vikan
Hygienic Hi-Flex
Wall Bracket

Store cleaning tools and utensils
more flexibly and safely

Whether you produce, process, serve or sell food, proper cleaning-tool and utensil storage is critical to meeting hygiene and tool-maintenance standards. 
That is what the Vikan Hi-Flex Wall Bracket System is all about.

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Hygienic Hi-Flex
Wall Bracket System

Item Number 1011x

  • Flexibly stores up to 5 products
  • Easily replaces existing solution
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Single Hook

Item Number 1012x

  • For any product with a hanging hole
  • Store products even in very small spaces
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Grip Band

Item Number 1013x

  • Holds any product with a handle
  • Store products even in very small spaces
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Double Hook

Item Number 1014x

  • Meets demand for single/double product storage
  • Store any product even in small spaces
  • Comes in 12 colours

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Unique features

  • Unmatched flexibility

  • High durability

  • Quick, easy installation

  • Hygienic design

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

Serious benefits

  • Locate tools more quickly and easily

  • Extend tool service life by minimising damage

  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination (microbes, allergens etc.)

  • Provide evidence to auditors of equipment care and control

Watch how easy it is to install 
the wall bracket system and single/double modules!
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Replace older systems quickly and easily

Already have a wall bracket system? 
Replace it quickly and easily by simply removing the bracket and reusing the existing holes in your wall.
See how it works!

Storage matters!

Proper storage of your cleaning tools and utensils is a critical part of maintaining hygiene and tool-maintenance standards. Our flexible wall bracket solutions make hygienic storage easier than ever – helping you prevent cross-contamination while protecting your equipment. Find out more!

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