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Tips and tricks 


Tips & Tricks_Brushes


  • Fine bristle brushes tend to clog quickly and be difficult and time consuming to clean when used with fine dry powders like seasonings. 

  • Choose medium bristle brushes to clean up larger loose dry soils like nuts, seeds, crisps, and popcorn etc.

  • Choose stiff bristled brushes to remove sticky, sugary and fatty deposits as part of a controlled wet clean. 



  • A fully moulded, single-bladed squeegee is a great alternative to the use of a fine bristle brush for removal of fine dry powders. They don’t clog and are much easier and faster to clean.

  • They also work well for cleaning surfaces of excess oil and grease.
Tips & Tricks_Squeegees


Tips & Tricks_Scrapers


Scrapers are an effective way of removing burnt on snack debris. Take care to choose a scraper blade material that effectively removes the soil but doesn’t damage the surface being cleaned.



  • Mops and cloth can be use dry or damp.

  • Used dry they are very effective at removing allergen residues from surfaces.

  • Used damp they can remove grease build-up from the sides of equipment and walls, even without chemicals. 


Tips & Tricks_Microfibre


Tips & Tricks_Dedicated colours

Dedicated colours

Use equipment of a dedicated colour to minimise the risk of cross-contamination. For example,

  • Purple for products that contain gluten, and Green for those that are gluten-free.


Product handling tools

Shovels, scoops, jugs, stirrers, and buckets should be made of food contact compliant materials and preferably be of a contrasting colour to the food to aid visual detection in the food.

Tips & Tricks_Food Handling Tools

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Selecting the right cleaning tool

Let Vikan advise you on selecting the right cleaning tool based on soil type, surface type, required standards and your cleaning staff.

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Correct use of cleaning tools

A cleaning tool is only as effective as it is used properly. Make sure you have a validated cleaning programme, and that you use your tools optimally for the cleaning job at hand.

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Cleaning tool maintenance

To function optimally throughout their lifecycle, Vikan cleaning tools must be cleaned and maintained properly. Find out how to make the most of your Vikan products.

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