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Vikan Shadow Boards

A cleaning tool storage solution packed with benefits

Why shadow boards for cleaning equipment?

Shadow boards are an effective and affordable way to ensure audit-compliant “5S” storage of your Vikan cleaning tools. This organisational system makes it easier to stay on top of inventories and keep the auditors satisfied. With colour-coded options for hygienic segregation, these boards help keep your tools organised, clean, and in good condition – saving you time and money every day.

What is a Shadow Board?

In short, a shadow board is a user-guided, intuitive storage solution for tools.
If the idea of shadow boards is new to you, here is an introduction to what a shadow board is and how it can be utilised.

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Benefits of Shadow Boards

Vikan shadow boards provide a range of advantages, including streamlined 5S practices, improved organisation, extended durability leading to cost-effectiveness, and elevated hygiene standards for easier auditing and a safer environment.

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BSolve Dental Case Study

Anthony Murphy, the Operational Excellence Facilitator at Bsolve Dental, recognised the need for an improved cleaning tool storage solution. He chose Vikan shadow boards as they addressed efficiency and safety concerns. This now saves staff time searching for tools and provides a better overview and organisation of the tools.

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Why choose Vikan as your shadow board supplier?

Vikan shadow boards are crafted from high-quality materials such as Alu-Dibond and stainless steel, offering durability and hygiene assurance. Our boards are hygienically safe and will help extend the lifetime of your tools. When it is time to re-order items from the shadow board, you can identify the tools by the item number on the specific shadow and by scanning the QR-code on the board.

Our shadow boards are available in 12 colours to match your zone plan, and you can choose between wall-mounted and mobile boards. We can make customised shadow boards to perfectly fit your needs, from sizing to colour or layout. For special requests, speak with your local Vikan contact.

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Vikan Shadow Board Range

Vikan offers fully customised shadow boards that allow you to tailor and optimise your board to your environment and brand identity. We can incorporate a specific background, logo, or photo of your choise. We will guide you through which files we need to finalise a design for your approval.


Your options:

  • Wall-mounted with spacers for easy cleaning behind the boards
  • Wall-mounted with magnets (if applicable)
  • Mobile (single or double sided)
  • 12 colour options
  • Bespoke design

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What to Expect When Ordering a Vikan Shadow Board

Our team of internal specialists is dedicated to assisting you with finding the right shadow board option. First, we like to suggest a Site Survey to help identify the optimal solution for your needs. The process will then be handled by your distributor, a trusted Vikan Partner, with whom you will be placing and approving your order. Through this entire process, please be aware that our support is readily available whenever you would like assistance.

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“Shadow boards are a brilliant way to standardise and organise colour-coded cleaning equipment in a Food & Beverage environment.
They ensure the right tool can be kept in the right place and stored in a hygienic manner as per audit standards.
By storing the equipment hygienically, you have peace of mind the equipment will deliver as expected every time it is being used.”

Andy Freer, Sales Manager, UK

The Importance of Correct Cleaning Tool Storage

Proper storage of cleaning equipment is a critical factor in the food industry, and for good reason. Global food safety standards, such as BRC, mandate the need for suitable storage of cleaning tools. According to BRCGS: 4.11.6, it is stipulated that 'Cleaning equipment shall be cleaned and stored in a hygienic manner.' Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a non-conformance.

Vikan cleaning tools storage solutions, including shadow boards and a variety of wall brackets, are designed to increase cleaning efficiency and reduce tool damage and cross-contamination.

Facts about hygienic tool storage

Eight great tips for making informed decisions about hygienic cleaning tool storage at your facility.

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5S Whitepaper

5S is a popular workplace organisation method that can help any company to systematically create a safe, clean, and structured workspace.

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Learn more about other Vikan storage options

Correct storage of cleaning tools will increase the lifetime of the products. Find the best suitable storage solutions and what to be aware of.

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