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Vikan Shadow Boards

A cleaning tool storage solution packed with benefits


Why shadow boards?

Shadow boards are an effective and affordable way to ensure GFSI-compliant “5S” storage of your hygienic cleaning tools. Colour-coded for hygienic segregation, these boards keep your tools organised, clean and in good condition – saving you time and money every day. They also make it easier to stay on top of inventories, and to keep the auditors satisfied.

Get started with Vikan

Vikan Shadow Boards are a convenient and dependable way to get started with shadow-board storage at your facility. Made from high-quality materials, they are sturdy, attractive and fully customisable to your specific cleaning-tool inventory and colour-coding scheme. For usage flexibility, we offer three wall-mounted sizes and two (one- or two-sided) mobile sizes.

Order yours today!

Ordering a Vikan Shadow Board is easy. We can design your board based on the results of a site survey. To order please contact your local Vikan sales manager or customer service representative. If you have any questions at all we will be happy to assist you.

Learn more about hygienic tool storage

Want to know more about storage of hygiene tools in general? See these recommendations from Ally Scott, our area sales manager in Scotland.

Vikan Shadow Board range

The Vikan Shadow Board Range includes both wall-mounted and mobile shadow boards.

Shadow Boards

To be mounted with spacers or magnets*

Mobile Shadow Boards

A flexible solution

*The attraction of a magnet and a certain magnetisable material depends both on the size and strength of the magnet and the specifications of the magnetisable material.