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Carsten Bo Pedersen - Managing Director

Vikan Acquires Wells Australia and New Zealand

We’re incredibly excited to announce the acquisition of WRD Wells-Australia and Wells Hygiene-New Zealand. With over 95 years of industry experience, and with 50 of those as our exclusive partner, Wells brings extensive knowledge and capability to the Vikan family.

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Dry Cleaning: FAQs from our Webinar Audience Answered by our Food Safety Experts

Following our “Dry Cleaning: Is Water Friend or Foe in Food Safety and Sanitation?” webinar, Deb Smith from Vikan and Karl Thorson from General Mills received over 130 questions. These are their top 9 Q&As.

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Carsten Bo Pedersen - Managing Director

Vikan Customer Survey 2022

New health and safety considerations, accelerated digitisation, technological advances, and new ways of working—the pandemic created many challenges over the last couple of years. With customer service being a top priority at Vikan, we felt it was important to measure our cust...

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Carsten Bo Pedersen - Managing Director

Satisfaction survey results – and a big ‘Thank you’!

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Vikan, and every couple of years we put ourselves to the test by asking our customers how they think we’re doing.

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Testing confirms extremely low microplastic shedding

Microplastic shedding is a gaining attention in environmental circles. To find out how much our products shed – in case research eventually finds that this is harmful to the environment – we enlisted a reputable German research company to put our products to the test. See the...

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Vikan - the story behind the name

Ever wondered what the Vikan name means, and where it comes from? Here’s the answer

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

What’s in a brush?

What’s in a brush? Well, it’s a question we take very seriously – and quite literally. As a matter of fact, you can trace the entire 125-year history of our company by examining the materials that comprise the products we make.

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

The origins of Vikan’s approach to innovation

In his memoir, Life and Works, Vikan founder A.P. Pedersen recounts a number of experiences from the company’s earliest days and reflects upon these as an older man looking back on his life. Some of the stories he tells seem to have a special resonance for us at Vikan. They ha...

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Vikan, technology and people

There is no doubt that Vikan’s 125 years of growth – and the company’s current position as global market leader – are closely linked to technology.

Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

What can our expert Hygiene Team do for you?

At the centre of our work with food safety and hygiene is our dedicated Hygiene Department. Find out what they can do for you!

Andy Freer - National Sales Manager, UK

What makes Vikan different?

During our travels and many site visits, we are often asked: "What makes Vikan different from our competitors?" Well, the short answer is our company’s purpose.

Andy Freer - National Sales Manager, UK

Is your Vikan bucket half full, or half empty?

Here at Vikan providing the best customer service and customer experience is at the heart of everything that we do. We don’t want our distributors or end users feeling like their Vikan bucket is half empty due to a disappointing experience with us. We strive for that bucket to...