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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Manual cleaning has never been more important

Advice to hotels, restaurants and catering (HoReCa) establishments on hygiene measures prior to re-opening.

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Andy Freer - National Sales Manager, UK

Vikan launches complete concept for facilities cleaning segment

Vikan is launching a complete concept – including training, dedicated tools and pre-configured trolleys – to help facility management setups improve their cleaning operations.

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Krister Johansson - Area Sales Manager - Sweden

Vikan top-adjustable handle – for those in the know!

Over the years I have heard so many spontaneous testimonies from real professionals who spend several hours a day with a mop in their hands and who really know what they are talking about – people who know what sets a truly great mop handle apart from the rest.

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Testing confirms extremely low microplastic shedding

Microplastic shedding is a gaining attention in environmental circles. To find out how much our products shed – in case research eventually finds that this is harmful to the environment – we enlisted a reputable German research company to put our products to the test. See the...

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Andy Freer - National Sales Manager, UK

Technology tops tradition at Liverpool hospital

Vikan microfibre technology proves popular – and effective – for chemical-free cleaning at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.

Alasdair Scott - Area Sales Manager – Scotland, Ireland and Northern England

Efficient and Effective Wall cleaning in your factory

When it comes to cleaning walls in your factory, forget hiring a cherry picker and scrubbing with hand cloths, Vikan have a solution which will remove dirt easily and effectively in a short space of time.