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Lotte Jensen
Lotte Jensen
Marketing Project Manager

There is a strong company-wide realisation here at Vikan that our success depends on the customer experience being both engaging and of high quality, and that we have to strive to deliver on this promise at all touch points. The Vikan marketing department supports this aim by ensuring that customer-facing activities are a great experience for our customers and end-users. At the same time, we attempt to convey the message of our brand values and brand purpose in a way that makes clear and obvious sense to distributors, users and partners alike.

In my opinion, our most important marketing task is to support our customers and end-users in making informed choices in any dealings they may have with hygiene issues and with Vikan cleaning tools to deal with them. What we at Vikan provide isn’t just simple plastic items – instead they are carefully designed tools intended for mitigating risks in hygiene-sensitive areas. And they are tools for ensuring excellent safety and excellent hygiene as part of an ongoing effort.

Making sure that we provide information that supports the necessary informed choices isn’t something we take lightly in this department. When we produce marketing materials about Vikan products, we always make sure we provide clear information about where and how each tool should best be used, practical tips for undertaking cleaning more effectively, user benefits, etc. Our marketing team also features a small hygiene team consisting of scientists, a microbiologist, a specialist in food hygiene and food safety, a standards and compliance expert and very experienced product experts. We always make sure that all advice provided via the marketing team gets run past at least one of these experts. This is also why we can comfortably say that we really do support our customers and end-users in making informed choices.

We’re proud and happy to work with distributors of our products in no fewer than 89 different countries. Some of our distributors have been with us for a long, long time, and I find it exhilarating to work with like-minded people in whom you can feel the passion and the Vikan spirit. In the marketing department, we’re very focused on making sure our distributors also achieve success. Sometimes it is they who provide the great customer experience on Vikan’s behalf, and they help their customers make informed choices.

Finally, I’d like to share a few words about myself so you can get an idea of the kinds of blog posts you can expect from me. On the professional side of things, I’ve always known that I wanted to work with marketing – it has always been my passion. I’ve had the privilege of being able to work with some big, high-quality brands in a range of different B2B settings – all large global brands. I also love the international aspects of my career, and have been lucky enough to also work in Australia for six years. I love meeting new people, and I know that meeting and listening to customers, partners and users does a whole lot to help make sure I can continue to do my job well.

What defines me the most as a person, however, is probably that I’m a mother of two girls, aged six and eight. In a busy career, it’s a privilege to come home to an even more busy family, who can make you forget work priorities and deadlines in a split second, and where before you know it you’re dressed up as a princess being held captive in a huge LEGO tower.