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Meat Processing

From cutting room to cooking, Remco is here to support

Meat Processing

Whether you are a raw, frozen, or cooked meat processor Remco can help maintain your product quality and safety.

We know that the hygiene and food safety challenges you face in meat processing vary, dependent on whether you process raw meats, e.g., meat cuts, minced meat, mechanically separated meat (MSM); frozen meats, or cooked meats; and the types of meat processed (red meats, poultry, game, etc). From control of microbial hazards to minimizing the risk of product contamination with other meat species, Remco’s tools and experts are here to help.

All these challenges present a risk to food quality, and many to food safety, both can lead to loss of business and damage to brand reputation. Fortunately, the risks they pose, to both consumers and businesses, can be significantly reduced through the appropriate selection, use, and maintenance of manual cleaning equipment.

Selecting the right cleaning tools 

Before you select a cleaning tool, there are certain key factors to consider. 
Remco products are purpose-designed precision tools, making it very important to choose just the right tool for any given job. 

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Suggested Products for Meat processing plants

The meat sector requires strict adherence to sanitation rules and regulations. Tools from Remco are made out of tough, compliant materials such as polypropylene and stainless steel. Unlike foamed plastic or wooden tools, our high-quality products have smooth surfaces for easy clean-up and better hygiene.
Our tools are hygienically designed, which makes them easier to clean and less likely to harbor bacteria.

Remco tools come in up to twelve colors, making them ideal for integration with color-coded plans. Color-coding helps prevent cross-contamination between raw and finished products, as well as keeping allergens separated.

Regardless of your operation’s size and complexity, Remco has the tools and expertise to help you execute your color-coding plans.

Hygiene and product safety expertise

Remco products and services are based on our unmatched expertise in product safety and hygiene. We continually update and apply our knowledge through energetic relationships with our customers; participation in key food and beverage industry events; and active membership in expert technical organizations, including EHEDG, IAFP, and Campden BRI.

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Pioneered by Vikan and now an industry standard. Find out how color-coding can benefit your business.

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Site surveys

This free service involves a thorough inspection of your plant to identify and solve cleaning challenges before auditors find them.

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Foreign bodies

Foreign body contamination of products can be a safety or quality issue, or both. Minimize the risk with Remco products.

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Allergen control

You have a legal responsibility to produce products that are free of undeclared allergens. Find out how we can help you meet your legal obligation.

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Microbial hazards

Control of micro-organism in your plant is critical to protect your product, consumers, and your business. Microbial biofilms are of major concern. These aid the growth, survival and spread of pathogens, including Listeria monocytogenes, and Cronobacter sakazakii; and spoilage organisms, including yeasts and moulds. In the war on biofilms, manual cleaning tools key weapons in your arsenal.

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