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Jette Søndergaard Bovbjerg
Jette Søndergaard Bovbjerg
Executive Assistant

My role at Vikan

I joined the Vikan Group in October 2015. Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Fun with experiencing, learning and contributing by carrying out a diverse range of assignments side-by-side with a cool team of colleagues – everyone working towards the shared goal of achieving Vikan’s strategic ambition of becoming the international market-leader in the manufacture of hygienic cleaning tools and solutions.

As an executive assistant in Vikan, a lot of my work involves supporting our CEO and the management group, which makes sure my days are all very different from each other. Some are quite operationally focused around administration or communication, while others are either of a more strategic nature, sales oriented or even featuring dealing with legal considerations. This variety of things to do is eloquent witness to the fact that we’re substantially more than mere manufacturers of brushes and brooms – and believe it or not, I still get surprised – on a regular basis – by the sheer scope and the depth of the field in which we operate.

My role is fairly oriented towards in-house assignments, including organising internal social events and information sharing, preparing materials for the board and for management, and lots of other stuff. Nevertheless, I’ve also become better acquainted with more out-to-market tasks that include dealing with Vikan intellectual property rights, customer audits and the building of this new website, all of which will hopefully be of practical value to you.

Days and tasks are different from each other, but there is one thing they all have in common – that everyone in the organisation works in the same direction as a team with the same kind of atmosphere, including taking initiative and action as well as focusing on our objective of fulfilling customer needs.

Professional background

The international environment in which we operate suits me just great, and it’s very inspiring to work with people from other places in the world, including Russia, Japan and the UK.

Before my time at Vikan, I worked as personal assistant in a global company, where I became convinced that working with both the commercial and legal perspectives while located in-house is the right thing for me, based on my MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law.

Working in a medium-sized company with worldwide ambitions and a solid spirit of being an old, well-established company is a pleasure and I strongly recommend that you find out more about Vikan at this website.

What can you expect from my blog posts?

Due to the broad scope of my day-to-day work, you’ll never know what to expect from my side. My first blog post, however, will be about one of the eye-openers – for me –about how a manufacturer of cleaning tools has active links to research into cancer and diabetes.