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The right tools - and storage - make all the difference at Bsolve Dental

After Anthony Murphy was hired at Bsolve Dental one of the first tasks he completed was a review of the dissolvable film manufacturer’s cleaning tools and their storage solutions.

Bsolve was storing their larger cleaning equipment like brooms and mops in a labelled metal cage that had begun to rust. Smaller cleaning utensils were scattered and had no defined storage space. Anthony, as the Operational Excellence Facilitator, knew that the current situation couldn’t continue.

“If we didn’t look to improve practices…we would have continued to contain all our cleanroom cleaning utensils in a cage that was becoming rusty, putting our effective cleaning at risk of cross-contamination.”

The two main features Anthony looked for in an updated solution were efficiency and safety, which led him to Vikan shadow boards. Workers were losing time trying to sort through a messy cage or track down hand tools, but now they can immediately see the tool they need, safely stored in the cleaning room.

Besides the lack of rust, Vikan shadow boards are also a safer option because they let tools used for wet cleaning dry in-between uses. Buckets are hung upside down to allow for easy drainage, and brushes and squeegees are stored with the heads down so they can dry without dripping on other tools and potentially spreading contaminants.

Vikan was Anthony’s supplier-of-choice because he could get high-quality tools and custom-designed shadow boards all from one company.

As a result, Anthony has received positive feedback from his team and management on the change. He states “The introduction of the shadow boards has delivered a decrease in time spent looking for tools, and an increase in staff discipline and organisational practices.
The shadow boards also look good, with exactly the cleaning tools we need to do the job and also contain the addition of the Bsolve Dental branded logo which impress existing and potential new customers”.