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No. 1 in food safety

Invented by Vikan and now an industry standard in most of the world, the hygienic colour coding of cleaning tools reduces the risk of cross-contamination – a major cause of food safety issues – by making sure the tools are only ever used in their intended plant area.

The colour-coded Vikan Hygienic range meets all your needs for colour-coded cleaning tool segregation, and ensures compliance with HACCP requirements as well as food safety standards that include FSSC 22000, BRC, IFS and SQF.


Used throughout the Food & Beverage value chain

Award-winning Vikan colour-coded solutions are used throughout the food and beverage value chain.

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Food and beverage manufacturing 
and processing plants

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Professional kitchens 
and restaurants

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and shops

8 great reasons why

    1. Comprehensive range – one supplier meets all your needs

    2. Up to 12 colours – safeguard against contaminant migration

    3. Superior performance – clean more effectively with less effort

    4. Quality materials & manufacturing – get more value for your money

    5. Hygienic design – take hygiene certainty to the next level

    6. Integrated ergonomics – take the stress and strain out of cleaning

    7. Wrapped in knowledge – enhance your tools with industry expertise

    8. Documented compliance – stay one step ahead of auditors

EU and FDA food contact compliant

Vikan colour-coded cleaning tools comply with all EU and FDA requirements pertaining to food contact. Conducted by an independent accredited laboratory, Vikan migration analysis testing makes sure toxic components aren’t transferred from the cleaning tools to food products.

We issue Declarations of Compliance for all food-grade Vikan products, ensuring that you can meet your due diligence requirements.

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The Vikan Hygiene range

See how it works

Jette Fruergaard, product manager for our Hygiene range, explains how purpose-innovated Vikan cleaning tools meet very specific needs in cleaning applications.

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Site Survey – be a hygiene leader

A Vikan Site Survey is a great way for any food and beverage production or processing facility to improve hygiene and reduce the risk of non-compliance and hygiene-related issues.

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Ultra Safe Technology

Vikan Setting new standards for Security, Safety, & Hygiene


UST – the cutting edge of clean

Our Ultra Safe Technology (UST) line represents the pinnacle of hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry. Click below to find out more.

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Color coding segregation

Not yet using colour coded segregation to ensure hygiene, compliance and food safety? Learn more about the Vikan innovation that has become an industry standard.

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