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Lotte Jensen
Lotte Jensen
Marketing Project Manager

Which squeegee do I choose?

There’s a comprehensive selection of high-quality Vikan squeegees to make it easier to give your staff the most effective tool for each cleaning task.

We reckon it’s easiest to maintain hygiene standards when your staff have easy access to the cleaning tools best suited to each specific cleaning task. They’re much more motivated to carry out cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently when they’ve got the best tools for the job.

Vikan squeegees are available to help you deal with the whole spectrum of professional cleaning needs where specific hygiene compliance is crucial.

There are specialist single and double-bladed ranges extending from flexible models with sponge rubber to fully moulded models featuring hygienic double or single-lip TPE rubber. Other choices include swivel or fixed necks, replaceable blade cassettes, different handles and condensation collection equipment.

Find the best Vikan squeegee for each of your specific hygiene requirements – see below, or ask your Vikan distributor.

Select the right squeegee

Blade options

Single Blade Ultra Hygiene – Designed for ultimate hygiene for use on floors or on food product surfaces this FDA and EU food contact compliant rubber blade squeegee has zero seams or cracks for contamination to hide in. Effective at moving wet and dry soils this squeegee has a shaped blade that can reach into corners, and a smooth, rounded housing that makes it easy to clean and guards against splashes. Dishwasher, autoclave and chemical resistant..

Double Blade Foam Rubber - Black – Black foam rubber blades that are highly effective at moving large amounts of liquid on smooth and tiled floor surfaces. The soft foam rubber reaches into the spaces on floors, including grout lines. Not FDA or EU food contact compliant.

Double Blade Foam Rubber - White – FDA food contact compliant white foam rubber blades that are ideal for moving liquids from floors and surfaces. The blade cassette is easy to remove for replacement and cleaning.

Double Blade Hygiene – Two flexible solid rubber blades that are FDA and EU food contact compliant and highly effective at moving liquids and semi-liquid foods from floors and food contact surfaces. This squeegee is easy to dismantle to allow cleaning and replacement of the blade cassette and cleaning of the blade housing. Dishwasher, autoclave and chemical resistant.

We’re happy to help you. Contact your Vikan representative or distributor for specifics about the different ranges of Vikan squeegees and the different types of blades, and how they can help improve hygiene in your cleaning operations

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Single Blade
Ultra Hygiene
Dry cleaning

Single Blade
Ultra Hygiene
Wet cleaning

Double Blade
Dry Cleaning

Double Blade
Wet Cleaning