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Carsten Bo Pedersen
Carsten Bo Pedersen
Managing Director

Vikan Customer Survey 2022

Vikan’s Global Customer Satisfaction Survey Shows Growth and Opportunities

Dear valued customers,

New health and safety considerations, accelerated digitisation, technological advances, and new ways of working—the pandemic created many challenges over the last couple of years. With customer service being a top priority at Vikan, we felt it was important to measure our customers’ level of satisfaction with our service and products as the world adapts to these changes.

Our main survey objectives

We greatly value the hundreds of conversations we have with our customers every week, and we appreciate your feedback. However, it is also important to collect objective data through a survey so we can:

  • Improve our products
  • Increase support where needed
  • Learn how we can do better
  • Collaborate on new solutions
  • Provide you with our signature best-in-class customer service.

I’m thankful to those who took the time to fill out the survey, and I’m delighted to share with you the 2022 scores—our highest customer satisfaction ratings ever.

A survey designed on values

The survey was conducted by email in late April. We polled distributors as well as end-users to get a full overview of the opinions of those who use or distribute our products across the different markets we sell in.

At Vikan, we truly stand by and cherish our company values, so we built the survey to reflect them to get the best measure of how we’re stacking up to our own ideals.

  • Customer service and sales support
  • Quality and innovation
  • Availability of Vikan products
  • Hygiene expertise and thought leadership
  • Business relationships

For each question, participants were asked to indicate how much, on a scale of 1 to 10, they agreed with a given statement, with 10 being the best score.

For each completed questionnaire, we have donated 1€ to the International Association for Food Protection Foundation (IAFP). The IAFP acts on food safety challenges, contributing to maintaining public health.

Results show we’re stronger than ever, with room to grow

Our survey used a common tool, the Customer Loyalty Index, to convert results into a score that helps us evaluate customer satisfaction over a set period of time. We’re delighted to report very high scores that improved even over pre-pandemic years.

Loyalty index image

Among Vikan distributors and end-users, we scored an outstanding 81 and 78, respectively. On the Loyalty Index benchmark, scores above 75 are considered “Great.”


Customer Survey Diagram

While we appreciate the high ratings and positive feedback we received, we also want to focus on areas where we can grow. We are already hard at work analysing the root causes of areas customers identified that need improvement.

We will:

  • Develop more hygiene-specific products
  • Increase access to regulatory and other similar documents
  • Increase output of and access to expert hygiene information
  • Continue to make sustainability a priority

As a gesture of appreciation, we set up a lottery for two generation 9 Apple iPads for those who filled out the survey. Two lucky respondents were chosen by the system and received their prizes. Congratulations to the winners! In addition, we also donated 1,000€ to IAFP.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for taking our customer survey. We will honor the time you spent on it by using your feedback to help us improve.

Best Regards,

Carsten Bo Petersen
Group Managing Director