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Andy Freer
Andy Freer
National Sales Manager, UK

Technology tops tradition at Liverpool hospital

Trial proves superiority of Vikan equipment

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital’s Facilities Manager was concerned that traditional, heavy mops and other bulky cleaning equipment are becoming too difficult for her 50-person staff to wield, and thinking ahead for the wellbeing of the workforce. The hospital therefore turned to Vikan to rectify the situation with modern cleaning technology.
After trying other alternatives with no success, four members of the Liverpool Hospital’s Hygiene Services staff put Vikan’s microfibre Damp 42 Floor Mop and its Compact 60 Plus Trolley to a two-week test in two of the hospital’s 12 wards. They also tried out the Vikan EasyShine Kit and Interior Mop for wall and ceiling cleaning in washrooms and wards.
Overseen by the head of Infection Control, the trial was conducted using just tap water, because chemicals were deemed to be the source of many of the hospital’s visible cleaning issues, including streaks and smears on high-gloss surfaces.

Vikan system proves a winner

Vikan’s modern microfibre technology was a big winner over traditional bulky, heavy mops in the staff feedback following the trial.
It’s just easier and quicker, and with 26 areas to mop, the system we use is so time-consuming and heavy to use,” one staff member reported. “This is so much better.
Other comments included:

  • It is so much easier and more efficient than the other equipment we’ve tried.”
  • It did save time and those few minutes add up at the end of the shift.
  • Not having to use the old system is good for me, because I need physiotherapy after using them.
  • I would recommend this system.


Trolley is boss!

When asked to rate the Compact 60 Plus Trolley on a scale of 1–5 – with 5 being the best – the hospital cleaning staff issued 5/5 scores in ease of height adjustment, compactness for storage and manoeuvrability, comfort and quality of materials, and overall comparison to trolley in current use.

Having everything on one trolley makes things much easier,” one staff member reported. “It is easier to manoeuvre and more hygienic.
Another said, “We have everything with us so we’re not in and out of the rooms so much. Top marks.
The trolley is boss!!!” said yet another.

Compact 60 Plus Trolley


Damp 42 Floor Mop scores off the charts

The testers also were asked to evaluate the Vikan Damp 42 Floor Mop. Again, the equipment scored 5/5 for comfort of the ergonomic handle, lightness compared to current tools, flexibility to clean difficult areas, and speed of use compared to the current method.
I would give it 10 marks if I could,” a staff member commented. “I cannot get over how quick and easy it is to use.

Damp 42

Microfibre outperforms traditional mops

The Vikan microfibre mop scored an average of 4.85/5 when the testers were asked about its ability to remove light and heavy soiling without a pre-sweep, its ability to remove stubborn marks and dirt build up, and overall performance.
The floors look much cleaner,” a staff member reported after using the microfibre mops. “There are no streaks. I have always used chemicals before and am amazed how well I can clean with just water.

Another staff member said, “I have not had to handle dirty mops, which is good for everyone concerned.
Yet another pointed out, “It cleaned corners better than the mops we are using.

Another key concern in hospitals and other industrial environments is how fast the floors dry after cleaning. Wet floors tend to be slippery and dangerous. Here, too, the Vikan system scored 5/5.
Ten out of 5 – UNBELIEVABLE!!!,” one staff member exclaimed.