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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Control of foreign bodies from cleaning equipment and utensils

This blog post provides information on selection and maintenance of food industry cleaning tools and utensils, with regard to minimising the risk of product contamination by foreign bodies.

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Lotte Jensen - Marketing Project Manager

Testing confirms extremely low microplastic shedding

Microplastic shedding is a gaining attention in environmental circles. To find out how much our products shed – in case research eventually finds that this is harmful to the environment – we enlisted a reputable German research company to put our products to the test. See the...

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Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

BRC v8 hygiene requirements and how Vikan can help

This Blog lists the hygiene requirements within BRC issue 8 and provides information about how Vikan can help with each.

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Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

Vikan DoCs – proof of food-contact-safe cleaning tools

Vikan Declarations of Compliance(DoC) are your guarantee that Vikan plastic cleaning equipment and food handling tools contain no toxic substances that could contaminate food. Vikan DoCs are clear, easy to read and always up to date.

Debra Smith - Global Hygiene Specialist

Maximise Global Food Safety Scheme compliance

Find out what Global Food Safety Schemes, including BRC, FSSC 22000, and SQF, say about cleaning tool selection, use and maintenance requirements, and how you can optimise your cleaning tool audit compliance

Stine Lønnerup Bislev - Hygiene and Compliance Manager

What should you look for in a Declaration of Compliance?

What information is mandatory in a Declaration of Compliance (DoC)? The nine items you need in a DoC.