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Vikan Food Handling Utensils

Food handling utensils play an essential role in food processing environments.

At Vikan we have an extensive range of hygienic, ergonomic and application-specific food-handling utensils that meet the most exacting needs.

The latest products in the range – an Ergonomic Scoop, a Push-Pull Hoe and a new Measuring Jug – all come in 5 colours and feature market-leading ergonomics, durability and functionality.


Ergonomic Scoop

Ergonomic Scoop

Item number 5671x

Scoop up any dry or moist food ingredients with Vikan’s ergonomically designed hand scoop. The perfectly balanced grip protects against strains, while a flat bottom keeps the scoop from rolling over on tables.

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Push-Pull Hoe

Push-Pull Hoe

Item number 5900x

Easily move, spread, mix or remove ingredients with this 2-in-1 function food hoe. The hoe features separate optimised edges and a rugged, hygienic design. Works with all Vikan threaded handles.

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Measuring Jug

Measuring Jug

Item number 6000x

Pick your unit of measurement (millilitres, UK gallons, US gallons) when filling and pouring ingredients from this cleverly designed jug. An elongated spout and optimised handle ensure easy, precise pouring, while the wide bottom ensures stability and hygienic cleaning.

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Guide to food-handling utensils

We have published a dedicated guide to understanding and selecting the right food-handling tools for different applications.

This guide is intended to help you familiarise yourself with the qualities and capabilities that food-handling tools need if they are to do their job effectively. It provides advice, tips and tricks on how best to select, use, clean and maintain your tools.

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