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Manual cleaning has never
been more important!

Mechanical action – an essential factor in biofilm removal

Do you know how important the mechanical action applied during cleaning is in removing biofilms? If you don’t already know, you’ll find the answer in our blog post written by Hygiene and Compliance Manager, Stine Bislev.

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Biofilm Removal Process

This video shows the biofilm removal process and how each step in a cleaning process affects the level of biofilm on a surface. It underlines the importance of mechanical action during the cleaning process and how disinfection works best when thorough cleaning has been conducted first.

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Biofilm Whitepaper

Our Education and Technical Support Manager Amit Kheradia has written the whitepaper "The Role of Manual Cleaning in Biofilm Prevention and Removal".

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What are biofilms and how can they be controlled?

Get a better understanding of:

  • How Biofilms are formed
  • Why Biofilm is a serious problem in food production?
  • How to control Biofilms
  • Cleaning and disinfection - Best practice