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Unlock the full potential of your cleaning staff and business


The success of any facilities cleaning setup depends on the ability of cleaning staff to do their work efficiently, be fully engaged in their work and share the greater goal of satisfying customers.

To do this, cleaners need both the right tools and the right knowledge – always close at hand, no matter what task you’ve assigned them to. Surprising, then, that tools and knowledge aren’t always top of mind when FM cleaning departments choose their equipment suppliers.

At Vikan, over a century of experience has taught us that the right tools can be critical for profitable cleaning operations, where they improve cleaning speed and efficacy. But it’s also important to convey key knowledge to the people actually doing the cleaning – where it counts most, right at the point of use.

In fact, the right cleaning tools and knowledge can provide a surprising range of benefits, including accelerated cleaner training and better cleaning results to lower absenteeism and improved staff retention.

By providing cleaning staff with better tools and knowledge,
Vikan can help improve cleaner productivity and engagement,
and the results of cleaning operations for your customers.

Improve your staff productivity curve 

It’s no secret that maximising cleaning staff productivity is a challenge for most FM cleaning departments.
Training can be slow and costly, and staff turnover tends to be high, which means yet more costly training.


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