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The Vikan value-add

Partners in productivity

When you partner with Vikan, you gain access to a complete range of cleaning trolleys, each preconfigured for a specific purpose and room size. The partnership also means access to Vikan CleanAssist cue cards and online training videos that help cleaners maximise productivity and ease of cleaning wherever and whenever they work.

Benefits include:

  • A faster learning process, so each cleaner reaches maximum productivity sooner
  • Improved job satisfaction for each cleaner
  • Improved cleaning efficacy via superior, purpose-designed tools
  • Advanced ergonomics for improved health and safety and lower absenteeism

“We needed not just great cleaning tools, but a proven vision
for how these tools would be selected, used, maintained and
– when needed – replaced. This is where Vikan really proved
its value for a facilities management company like ours.”

— FM company in the UK


Better knowledge

  • On-trolley CleanAssist cue cards
  • Preparation videos available via
    QR codes on cue cards
  • Additional online training material
  • Training of trainers

Put the knowledge into the tools

Better tools

  • Preconfigured trolleys
  • The right tools for every task
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Colour coding
  • Lower chemical consumption

Bring the tools “closer” to the cleaner

CleanAssist training videos

How to prepare the 40 cm
mop with a hose

How to prepare the 40 cm mop with the preparation jug

How to prepare the 60 cm mop with the preparation jug

How to use the Vikan microfibre mopping system

How to replace mop
attachment strips

How to prepare and
use cloths

How to prepare and use
the Easyshine kit

How to use the
interior mop 

Microfibre guide

Discover the entire range of Vikan microfibre mops and cloths, and get help choosing just the right tool for your application.

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