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Cloth/accessory box, 7 Litre, Grey
Item number: 581518

Cloth/accessory box, 7 Litre, Grey

This 7-litre Cloth and Accessory Box is used for Vikan microfibre cloth preparation and for storing cloths and other cleaning products. A transparent lid allows users to see the colours and quantities of cloths, while ensuring optimal moisture retention.

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Product data

GTIN-14 Number (Box quantity) 15705025815180
Content 236.7 Fl oz
Weight cardboard 0.06 kg.
Tare total 0.06 kg.
Material Recycled Polypropylene
Country of origin Denmark
Colour Grey
Box Width 275 mm
Box Length 540 mm
Box Height 220 mm
Height 177 mm
GTIN-13 Number 5705025815183
Customs Tariff No. 39241000
Width 192 mm
Length/Depth 260 mm
Gross Weight 0.33 kg.
Net Weight 0.27 kg.
Content 7 Liter(s)
Box Quantity 6 Pcs.
Quantity per Pallet (80 x 120 x 200 cm) 192 Pcs.


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