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Case story - Olives Et Al

The whole process seems to be more efficient

"Everyone on the team is now much happier mopping as it's easier and takes much less time. The whole process seems to be more efficient, cleaner and generally more people-friendly. In fact, the longest serving member of the team says she thinks it is one of the best things anyone has done for cleaning in the history of the company."

- Melissa Clubb, Assistant Technical Manager at Olives Et Al.

About Olives Et Al

Since 1993, Dorset-based Olives Et Al has specialised in marinated, stuffed and pitted olives. They also produce olive oil, snacks, nuts, dressings, sauces and antipasti food products. From its production facility, the company provides online sales as well as supplying two deli outlets of its own in southwest UK and other specialist food outlets around the UK and internationally.

Olives et al production image

The challenge

Food safety and the avoidance of cross-contamination, especially in a factory where known allergens (such as nuts) are processed, is a key driver for Olives Et Al.

Olives Et Al were interested in pursuing opportunities to eliminate the use of Kentucky mopping at their production and packaging facilities after seeing Vikan's presentation on how cleaning with microfibre achieves better and more hygienic cleaning at a London-based hygiene course.


Olives Et Al logo

The solution

Vikan worked with Olives Et Al to instigate a four-week site trial based around the Vikan Slimliner Trolley and pre-prepared mops and cloths. The trolley is ideal for manoeuvring alongside conveyors and around machinery in a food-processing environment. They also ensure tools are readily available to hand for staff, meaning less time is wasted finding equipment.

Vikan tailored a version of the trolley to Olive Et Al's particular needs by adding an additional mop box, adjustable mop handles, pocket mop frame, mop release and Deep Clean pocket mops. Vikan also provided onsite training on the new system for all staff.

Both Vikan and Olives Et Al for a four-week trial period. The onsite Assistant Technical Manager proved to be an open-minded and forward-thinking individual and, although this was a small site, this allowed the trial to really highlight the benefits of Vikan's tools and processes.

Olives Et Al were delighted with the results of the trails. The company has now eliminated the use of Kentucky mopping and manual handling of dirty mops in the main production area and hope to extend this throughout the company.