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Krister Johansson
Krister Johansson
Area Sales Manager - Sweden

My role at Vikan:
My name is Krister Johansson and I am an Area Sales Manager for Vikan.

I live in southern Sweden and I am primarily responsible for the southern half of the country. I am in constant contact with our resellers as part of my daily work, and I am also actively engaged in a lively dialogue with Vikan’s end customers and the final users of our products. Every day for me is different as I work with all of our various product sectors. I visit and have contact with the food and beverage industry, kitchens and restaurants, facility management companies, municipalities, supermarkets, and more. Being able to work with our customers and to offer them products and solutions of such a high quality, and which go such a long way towards increasing value, is something that really makes my working day just incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.
In my personal life, I like to keep very active and I consider myself to be something of a bon vivant. My family is incredibly important to me, and I also enjoy running. I have run a good few marathons over the years and look forward to several more in the years to come. I love exploring all four corners of the world and almost always have an upcoming trip or two on the horizon.

Professional Background:
I have worked in sales, primarily with B2B customers, over most of my professional career. I am driven to engage with people, to listen to their challenges and to come up with solutions.

What can you expect from my blog posts?
I am often struck by the positive stories I hear when in contact with my end customers about our great quality products and solutions. It might be a story about how an updated hygiene plan has increased security at a food plant, how a specific brush has helped facilitate cleaning or how a microfibre mop has improved ergonomics and helped to make a local cleaner feel more upbeat. It is these fantastic stories and tips that I want to share with you all here on this blog.