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Derk Brumma
Derk Brumma
Sales Manager Germany

My role at Vikan:

My name is Derk Brumma and I live in Hanover.

I became Vikan’s first-ever German employee in 2003 and have been able to play a significant role in the company’s success story in Germany as a result. Some would describe me as a “child of the first hour” – someone who has played a major role from the very beginning. Since 2011 I’ve been leading the German team and am extremely proud of this highly motivated and skilled little crew. I still relish the diverse challenges of our everyday business.

Professional Background:

I’ve been active in the hygiene industry since 1990 and have of course acquired a lot of experience and knowledge in that time, which certainly helps many of our customers as well as my colleagues. However, I still learn new things every day, because proximity to our customers in the food and beverage industry, kitchens industry, fast-food restaurants and the transport sector is crucial for our further development at Vikan.

What can you expect from my blog posts?

I will try to give you short and snappy bits of information on interesting topics so you don’t have to spend hours reading my blog posts.