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presented by our hygiene experts

Food Hygiene and Sanitation Updates for Key GFSI-Benchmarked Schemes

Join our presenters, Deb Smith (Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist) and Amit M. Kheradia (Remco’s Environmental Health and Sanitation Manager), as they share their collective knowledge and expertise on how to maximise food safety, through compliance with the hygiene and sanitation requirements of the most popular GFSI benchmarked certification schemes.

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Achieving Hygienic Design Compliance:
What every food industry stakeholder should know

Now that hygienic design features more prominently in global food safety standards more food industry stakeholders are asking us what they need to know about it and how they should ensure compliance. This webinar provides an overview of the principles of hygienic design, and what the current regulatory and global food safety standard requirements are within the EU and US.

Join our presenters, Deb Smith (Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist), James Hartley (Global Sanitation Director, Mondelez International), Patrick Wouters (Vice President, EHEDG), and Tim Rugh (Executive Director, 3A-SSI), as they share their collective knowledge and experience and provide you with first-hand practical support regarding hygienic design compliance.

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Food Safety Culture and Colour-Coding:
How to exceed compliance and simplify complexity

Do you want to transition from an organization that just complies with food safety regulations to one that has an internalized food safety culture?
Do you want to break down the complexities within your systems and reduce food safety risks using simple, easy-to-apply techniques?
Join our presenters, Cultivate SA’s Principal and Founder, Lone Jespersen, and Remco’s Environmental Health and Sanitation Manager, Amit M. Kheradia,
as they share their collective learnings and experiences to deliver an insightful webinar.

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Food Safety Culture and Colour-Coding

Foreign Body Prevention Strategies

Foreign body contamination is one of the leading causes of recalls. Foreign bodies pose a significant risk to both the well-being of the consumer and to the finances and reputation of the food business operator.

In this webinar foreign body prevention strategies are presented by Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist Deb Smith and Mettler-Toledo’s Senior Advisor for Food Safety & Regulation Robert Rogers.

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Food Safety at the Last Mile: Food Safety and Sanitation Challenges and Solutions for Food Retail

Ensuring food hygiene and sanitation at the last mile of food delivery is a critical to ensuring the delivery of safe and quality food to the consumer. This presentation by Alec Kyriakides, Amit Kheradia, and Tara Dryer provides insights into global standards, guidelines, and best practice recommendations regarding the selection, use, maintenance, storage, and replacement of cleaning tools and material handling equipment, for improving sanitation in retail food establishments.

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Hygiene in High-Risk Food Production: Keep it Clean and Chill

Valuable insights regarding hygiene in high-risk food production presented by Deb Smith, Vikan’s Global Hygiene Specialist and David Buckley, Director of Technical Consulting at Diversey.

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Dry Cleaning: Is Water Friend or Foe in Food Safety and Sanitation?

In this webinar, Vikan’s Debra Smith and Karl Thorson, food safety and sanitation manager at General Mills, discuss the dangers of adding water as a part of cleaning and sanitation and go over the benefits of dry/limited-water cleaning.

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Dry Cleaning: Is Water Friend or Foe in Food Safety and Sanitation_image

Battling with Biofilms: Know your enemy and defeat them in drains

In this webinar about biofilms in food production environments Deb Smith, Vikan and Aidan Davey, ACO Building Drainage discuss the nature of biofilms and how to defeat them in a key biofilm stronghold—drains.

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5S in the Food Industry: How to Implement an Employee-Driven Tool Management Program

Around the globe, 5S has gained popularity as a powerful visual method based on the principles of sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. In food processing, a 5S program can complement a site’s GMP, food safety, and sanitation programs.

In this webinar, Amit discusses how 5S creates a clean, safe, and structured workplace by facilitating the organization of hygiene, sanitation, and material handling tools and equipment in a food production environment.

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Cleaning Validation for Allergen Control in Food Manufacturing

In the U.S., the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that food facilities implement allergen controls to prevent cross-contact, the unintended introduction of allergens into food. Despite FSMA and other laws and regulations aimed at protecting consumers with food allergies, undeclared allergens still remain one of the leading causes of recalls in the U.S., where they affect about 3.5-4% of the population and can be a catastrophic event for a susceptible individual.

As a prerequisite controlling a hazard, and as required by best practices and GFSI auditing standards, such cleaning requires validation and subsequent monitoring and verification. This presentation provides guidance on allergen control through the application of appropriate validation, verification, and monitoring. 

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Color-Coding as a Preventive Control: Improving Food Safety and Sanitation Using Color-Coded Tools

In this webinar, Amit discusses how color-coding can be used as a zoning method to help minimize allergen cross-contact and bacterial or foreign-material cross-contamination.

Key topics to be covered includes:
- Regulations and standards supporting a risk-based color-coding plan
- Contamination control with identifiable hygienic and environmental monitoring zones
- Facilitating 5S and sanitary compliance using color-coded cleaning and material handling tools
- The role of applying universal visual controls for promoting food safety culture among employees

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Cleaning Equipment Maintenance: Ensuring that your tools remain safe and effective

In this live webinar, Deb draws on her industry and research experience to highlight the importance of cleaning equipment maintenance as part of a robust food safety program. 

Key topics to be covered includes:
- appropriate equipment selection (hygienic design)
- preparation for first use
- development of an effective cleaning equipment decontamination procedure
- validation, verification, and monitoring
- regular equipment inspection and replacement
- appropriate storage

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