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The Vikan Green Team 

Vikan employees are contributing
to driving sustainable initiatives

Continually implementing sustainability improvements

At Vikan, we work towards a sustainable future, and we are committed to continually implementing sustainability improvements. To be able to uphold and drive our commitment we need to challenge our current business practices on a continuous basis. And often the good ideas for improving are to be found amongst our colleagues.
But how do you ensure that the good ideas are captured and implemented?

In 2018 we established the "Vikan Green Team" which is a global cross functional team. The "Vikan Green Team" is responsible for collecting ideas, secure sustainability focus in the daily work and implement prioritized initiatives. We work after an annual cycle covering monthly meetings, sustainability progress report, revising sustainability roadmap etc. and we have dedicated time for the Vikan Green Team to work on the sustainability projects and initiatives. 

Inputs are valued

"Several ideas for sustainability initiatives suggested by our employees have already been transformed to actions. On a regular basis, we communicate internally on the initiatives we work on and provide an update when ideas or projects are implemented. In this way, we make sure all employees know that their input are valued."

Jesper Søbjørn, Group HSEQ Manager and

team member of the Vikan Green Team

Examples of Vikan Green Team initiatives

LED Light_image

LED light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs

We have changed our regular light bulbs to LED light bulbs including sensor control. This saves energy and thereby cuts our emissions.

Packing optimisation

Packing optimisation

When our products are transported to our distributors and end-users we continuously find solutions to lower our environmental impact through more efficient packing of goods.

Transport optimisation

Transport optimisation

Transport of goods is one of the major contributors to our environmental impact. We continuously work on increasing fill rates and substituting air freight with more environmentally friendly transport methods.

Recycle products

Recycle our products

Many of our products are mono-material products – made of one material only. We help our customers to recycle these products correctly by adding clear marking.

Taking consistent steps to make a positive impact on the environment

We closely follow all the latest developments concerning plastics and recycling through our extensive range of networks.
We are constantly curious about the newest inventions and solutions in this area to see how they can be implemented at Vikan. In this way, we know when the next small but important change is possible.