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It’s less like a cleaning cart.
And more like a constant companion.

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Where To Buy HyGo?

Wherever you go, HyGo™.

Meet a mobile cleaning station with a lot to love.
There’s never been a companion this trusty, organised and always-by-your-side. HyGo is a cleverly designed rolling sanitation cart with food contact-compliant surfaces. Plus, so much more to win you over.

Built with a purpose.

To get HyGo so right, we went to the source. It was meticulously designed in collaboration with industry professionals to ensure it would directly address their specific needs. The result is a cleaning station that optimises cleaning efficiency and helps keep hygiene standards high.

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Made to move.

With multidirectional wheels, HyGo delivers effortless maneuverability. It rolls smoothly over obstacles like drains and door thresholds, plus all types of flooring, to promote faster, more efficient cleaning workflows.

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A boost to efficiency.

It’s time to spend less time searching for, transporting, and storing cleaning tools. With HyGo around, tools stay organised and readily accessible, reducing wasted minutes and effort.

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Comes in six colours.

With colour comes personality. But more to the point, we offer six different choices to support colour-coded area and task segregation plans for enhanced contamination prevention.

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Stout, sleek construction.

HyGo was developed for use in demanding environments where hygiene is critical. It boasts strong storage trays capable of transporting heavy cleaning materials, including chemical containers. It also features smooth surfaces, rounded edges and minimal harborage points to allow fast and effective decontamination.

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