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Cedric Reynier
Cedric Reynier
Marketing Manager, France

Hello, my name is Cedric Reynier. I live near Lugdunum, part of the city of Lyon in France.

I have a master’s degree in International Business & Marketing, and I started working for Vikan in 2001. Since then, I’ve travelled a lot and gathered experience in Vikan departments ranging from customer service to sales and marketing.

I’ve also acquired quite a bit of knowledge about everything concerned with cleaning tools and with the cleaning challenges that end-users run into – mostly in the food and beverage industry, including commercial kitchens, quick service restaurants and transport.

As a result, I reckon some of my young colleagues sometimes see me as the last dinosaur on earth!

My wish is to share that experience with all of you, and I hope that some of you will be able to benefit from my distinctive combination of enthusiasm and experience.

Don’t expect “big numbers” juggling from me – I deal in facts and only facts.