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The Vikan Green Team 

Vikan employees are contributing
to driving sustainable initiatives

At Vikan we are determined to secure a more sustainable future. To be able to uphold and drive our commitment we need to challenge our current business practices on a continuous basis. And often the good ideas for improving are to be found amongst our colleagues. 
But how do you ensure that the good ideas are captured and implemented?

The "Vikan Green Team" is a cross-functional team dedicated to ensuring that every idea for a more sustainable business practice or any green initiatives suggested by the employees at Vikan, will be evaluated, prioritized and implemented.
The team consists of employees from HSEQ, Finance, Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Sourcing.

Meet Anne-Sofie Ravn Bering, member of the Vikan Green Team.
Green Team_Anne-Sofie_Movie_Image

Inputs are valued

"Several ideas for "green" initiatives suggested by our employees have already been transformed to actions. On a regular basis, we communicate internally on the initiatives we work on and provide an update when ideas or projects are implemented. In this way, we make sure all employees know that their input are valued."

Jesper Søbjørn, Group HSEQ Manager and

team member of the Vikan Green Team.

Recent Vikan Green Team initiatives

LED Light_image

We use LED light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs

From 2020–2022, we are changing all of our regular light bulbs to LED light bulbs. This saves energy and thereby cuts our emissions.

Renewable energy_image

We buy renewable energy

We balance 100 percent the electricity we use against RECS certificates from renewable energy sources

Reused plastic

We pack our products with recycled materials

The Green Team looked into how to make a more sustainable choice of packing material in the cardboard boxes, and now all of our packing material is made of minimum 50% recycled plastic.

Recycle products

We help our customers to recycle our products

Many of our products are mono-material products – made of one material only. We help our customers to recycle these products correctly by adding clear labels.

What are we working on?

  • Using biobased plastic to wrap our products

  • Increase the amount of recycled plastic in technical products

  • Reducing energy consumption for heating, and investigating renewable alternatives to gas

  • Expand number of Vikan products in recycled plastic

Taking consistent steps to make a positive impact on the environment

We closely follow all the latest developments concerning plastics and recycling through our extensive range of networks.
We are constantly curious about the newest inventions and solutions in this area to see how they can be implemented at Vikan. In this way, we know when the next small but important change is possible.

We cooperate with our suppliers to provide green alternatives. When our employees come up with an idea for us to procure a green alternative to something in our production, we enter into a dialogue with our suppliers to come up with a more sustainable solution. If the green solution hasn't been developed yet, our requests support progress in the right direction.