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 Module 4.4 

Site Surveys

Selling Vikan cleaning tools and food handling materials is so much more than products. One of the most valuable services you can offer your customers is conducting a Site Survey at their production site. In this module you will learn all you need to know to be able to conduct site surveys.

Approximate time: 60 minutes

Site Surveys

- A thorough inspection of your customers'
cleaning tool deployment with a view to
identifying and solving hygiene problems
before the auditors find them.

Site Surveys are your Competitive Advantage

The guidance and advice given during a Site Survey is unique to you and your business. Your competitors cannot do it. And your distributors may not be able to do it either. Often Site Surveys are the very reason that Vikan tools are selected in the Food Industry.

The Quality/Hygiene manager needs and appreciates the guidance and advice that you provide during Site Survey on selection and use of cleaning tools for their specific cleaning and hygiene challenges.

But a Site Survey quickly becomes so much more. You also provide advice on storage and maintenance of the cleaning tools. You talk about regulatory compliance and auditor compliance. In other words, you give your customer peace of mind.

Experience shows that your customers really appreciate this unique and value-adding service. It’s what makes you stand out as a company and as a service provider. It is your most valuable competitive advantage. It’s why they choose you, and why they choose Vikan.

Here is a guide on how to conduct a Site Survey that your customers will continue to ask for, and which will bring you extra business.

What to check for during a Site Survey

A site survey is a comprehensive review of your customer's entire hygiene operations.

Colour coding systemDo your customer's system and cleaning tool inventory really support their risk management targets?

Regulatory complianceMake sure your customer's tools meet all applicable standards and regulatory requirements. Make sure you know which GFSI standard they comply with.

Gaps and optimizationsIdentify missing tools, and improve maintenance and usage practices.

Better tools for the job?Is there a better tool available for the job at hand?

Cleaning tool storageProtect your customer's tools, improve longevity and improve hygiene through proper tool storage. Discuss shadow boards and wall bracket systems.

Advantages for your customers

  • Improve and standardise their hygiene setup
  • Get a complete overview of their cleaning tools
  • Implement a colour coding plan or update their existing one
  • Prepare more effectively for audits
  • Rationalise their cleaning tool deployment
  • Solve specific cleaning challenges
  • Move hygiene further up the agenda at their plant!


Advantages for you

  • An increased hygiene level = more sales, more frequent replacements
  • Drive the business the way you want it
  • Maximise the sales potential by identifying gaps
  • Identify potential distribution challenges
  • A door opener for you
  • Close the door to competitors. If you don't do it, someone else will.
  • Great opportunity to have a look around for other products you might sell
  • You are seen as a hygiene expert
  • Raises awareness and profile. People talk - especially in the food industry
  • Give your customers peace of mind and good preparation before audits
  • Customer loyalty

Site Survey Webinar

Tips and tricks on conducting Site Surveys that generate business for you.

Learn how our UK team has achieved this massive increase in business per Food Industry customer by conducting Site Surveys.

Average spend in one year after a site survey:


Average spend in one year if NOT being surveyed:


Content of the Site Survey Webinar:

  • Preparation
  • Walking the factory floor
  • Recommendations
  • After the visit
  • Benefits and learnings
  • Financial benefits of site surveys conducted

The Process

The following is a step-by-step guide on how
a site survey is conducted. It explains all the
steps before, during and after the actual site visit.

Before the Site Survey


Set the date and location of the site survey - preferably during the cleaning processes.


Send the invitation to your customer. Include what to expect, agenda, office setting to start, what is needed from their side.


Update your CRM system with opportunity value, update contacts as needed, date for site survey etc.


 Collect information:

  • Define and estimate the opportunity value and update this in your CRM system.
  • Assess the current satisfaction with delivery performance, customer service, products etc.
  • Obtain a site plan and load it into the Zone Planner App if you find this an advantage.
  • Check for existing colour coding plans.
  • Find out about possible allergens used.
  • Check which GFSI scheme they are audited against and find out what the requirements are for cleaning tools (see module 5.2 - Food Safety Management)
  • Ask your customer contact person to gather information from employees about cleaning challenges.
  • Identify competitor tools and possible home-made tools as well as cleaning protocols, in order to bring relevant samples (also samples to test on-site immediately).


Confirm key employees' presence (quality/safety/hygiene managers, production managers, in-house or external cleaning staff, maintenance)


Adjust and confirm timing according to agenda (cleaning challenges, number of attendants)


Be sure to prepare: PPE, iPad/pictures on site, safety standards, check equipment & battery (iPad/phone), samples


Bring relevant marketing documentation.

On the day of the Site Survey


Before the actual Site Survey


Arrive on-site at least 15 minutes before the meeting to gather samples and documentation and go through reception (get registered and informed about latest safety standards, receive wifi code if applicable)


Open the meeting in the office setting
- Confirm availability of each participant; adapt agenda if needed.
- Go through agenda and confirm purpose of the site survey.
- Ask if any other item(s) should be covered.


Introduce the Vikan service package (especially if this is the the first Site Survey done)
- Discuss general principles of colour coding, if applicable
- Present Zone Planner examples so that they have an idea of what they are about to get.

The Tour of the Facility


Talk to the right people, also those that do the cleaning; involving as many people on-site as possible.


Assess optimal cleaning tools selection against the facility's regulatory compliance.


If possible, observe the cleaning process. Be curious about how the cleaning is done, and why certain tools are used.


For each location, recommend the best suitable cleaning tool for the cleaning challenge at hand. Identify gaps and missing tools.



Identify the best cleaning tool storage solution and location (wall brackets / shadow boards).


Provide recommendations for maintenance of the recommended cleaning tools.


Test samples that you have brought or previously sent on-site, if applicable. Discuss other trials that may be needed.


Collect info on home-made tools, competitor tools, ideas for new products, potential delivery issues - be curious. 


   Finish with a Conclusion Meeting in the office


Show your contact person the overview of the list of recommended products for each location. Receive input.


Agree on which products needs to be tested. Set up a testing feedback process and time line.


If applicable, discuss if wall brackets or shadow boards are the best solution. Agree on header, logo and other details for shadow boards if applicable.


Agree on next steps and ask for feedback.

After the Site Survey


Send a Thank You email within 24 hours, including:
- summary of the meeting with action items.
- a debrief on situations that need immediate action.


Send agreed samples the next day.


Send drafted Zone Plan and recommendations for use and maintenance (including pictures taken on-site) within 3 days of the visit.


Validate with your contact person:
- Number of cleaning tools / shadow boards (confirm full basket of products).
- Trial results and Zone Plan via online/phone meeting.
- Any on-site or online training of staff required.
- Approval of access to the Vikan website for your contact person, so that they can access Zone Plan documentation behind login on the Vikan website.


Send final Zone Plan and list of recommended products along with your price offer for the agreed products.


Agree with your customer on an implementation time and follow up/verification of the implementation. Agree on times for training of staff, if applicable.


Confirm a follow up date after 6-18 months, depending on the sector, including the replenishment plan.

Zone Planner App

is used to keep track of all the products you recommend
for each zone and for each location.

Download Zone Planner App Manual

You get access to the zone planner app by contacting
your Area Sales Manager at Vikan.

Relevant Marketing Materials


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