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Timeless tools for
professional use

Classic Broom

Vikan Classic

Vikan has been producing high-quality brushes and brooms with wooden handles and natural or mixed natural and synthetic bristles since 1898.

Made from high-grade beech and pine, with natural bahia, tampico, sherbo and other similar fibres, our Classic range wooden brushes, brooms and handles are still in demand today, and used in industries that include farming, manufacturing and a whole array of skilled trades.

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Why Vikan Classic?

The Vikan Classic range of utility, scrub and toilet brushes, high-quality brooms and window-cleaning tools deliver the performance and reliability you need for professional cleaning.



Get the job done well – every time

Classic Wall Brush


Know your tools can take on any job

Classic Dish Wash


Invest in quality tools that last longer

Popular boot
and shoe cleaner

Thoroughly clean boots and shoes with this
sturdy Boot Cleaner, made from galvanised steel
with wood and PVC brushes.

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