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Andy Freer
Andy Freer
National Sales Manager, UK

Vikan launches complete concept for facilities cleaning segment


Vikan is launching a complete concept – including training, dedicated tools and pre-configured trolleys – to help facility management setups improve their cleaning operations.

The unique concept is based on the insight that cleaning staff are critical to more efficient, profitable operations, and that better tools and knowledge are required to unleash the full potential of these vital employees.


Smarter trolleys

At the centre of Vikan’s new offering is a system of ergonomically designed, purpose-built microfibre mops and other tools that come on trolleys pre-configured for specific cleaning applications such as stairways, large offices, restrooms and more.

The trolleys are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and stocked with application-specific tools as standard. The trolleys can be further configured individually, giving customers the exact tools they need to meet highly specific cleaning challenges. 

See Vikan pre-configured trolleys here


Instant information

Cleaning staff using the new trolley system are further empowered with on-trolley Vikan CleanAssist on-trolley cue cards and instantly available online guidance videos. These tools have been shown to accelerate training and improve cleaning efficiency, all adding up to higher productivity, customer satisfaction and business success.

Mette Rude Bjarnvig 
Regional Sales Director

“Cleaning staff want to perform at their best, but they don’t always have the tools and knowledge they need to do so. This makes it imperative for facility management outfits to push cleaning tools and knowledge higher up the agenda. Our facility cleaning solutions are designed to help do just that”


A full-service partner

In addition to our range of microfibre products and cleaning trolleys, we also supply hygienic cleaning and food-handling tools for kitchens and canteens and a vehicle-cleaning range. This enables Vikan to serve as a one-stop shop where facilities management setups can find solutions to all their cleaning tool needs.

To learn more about Vikan's facility cleaning solutions, visit our Facilities Cleaning Website, contact Vikan Customer Service at, or call +45 96142610.

Facilities Cleaning Website





A winning approach to facilities cleaning

Viewed as a whole, our facilities cleaning programme makes Vikan not just a supplier, but a true partner who can help you achieve business objectives throughout your organisation.