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Matt Rumble
Matt Rumble
Area Sales Manager

Outstanding Ultra Safe Technology cleaning standard

Easy to clean Vikan Ultra Safe Technology products have delivered an outstanding cleaning standard for a large UK deli and meats manufacturer. 
We sat down for a discussion with the Hygiene Manager from a BRC A++ rated site to discuss the benefits they’ve discovered since switching to our UST Range.

What is the nature of the production on site?
We produce sausages, cooked meats and pate products across the two sites. The sausage production site is low risk, whereas the Deli side has both low and high risk areas. Both sites have predominantly wet cleaning processes in place.

Customers supplied?
Both sites provide products for many of the leading UK retailers.

What products were you using previously before Vikan?
Before using Vikan Ultra Safe Technology products we were using resin-set brushes from another supplier.

What was the motivation for a change? What challenges did you face?
Our main concern was that these brushes were very difficult to clean after use.

How did you get in contact with Vikan?
We met with the Vikan Area Sales Manager via our distributor, but I was already aware of Vikan from using their equipment previously in different roles.

What happened next?
We were introduced to the Vikan UST tools at our first meeting and I was immediately taken by the design. The brushes looked much easier to clean.

Did you complete a Vikan site survey?
Yes. We found the site plan and all the documentation sent over after the visit very useful for us to show auditors that we have gone to an extra effort to document the hygiene system in place on site.

What have been the benefits of switching to Vikan UST tools?
The brushes deliver a great cleaning standard.
The cleaning tools also last much longer and therefore are better value for money. This has resulted in significant cost-savings.

What do you use the UST products for on-site?
We use the Churn Brushes for food contact surfaces and Deck Scrubbers for floors in both low and high-risk areas.

Would you recommend UST and Vikan to other sites?
Yes, I would recommend them.

If you could sum up how using UST has helped your day-to-day work on site, what would you say?
A site could have an amazing cleaning process but if you are using contaminated or hard to clean equipment the cleaning effectiveness could become compromised. UST solves that issue.

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