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Cleaning tools
from Vikan make
a difference at
I Love Pizza

In 1982, dad Behcet Yuksel took over a local pizzeria in Gothenburg, Sweden, a starting point of what today is I Love Pizza. Today, the company is a modern restaurant-chain with lots of units and an ambition to grow even more. Several family members are today involved in the business, including five of Behcet's sons.

With focus on serving not only the best pizza, they also offer different salads, falafel, chicken dishes, kebab, lasagne and more. In their production unit they make sauces, which are used in the menus and also sold at all units.

Maintaining the safety and quality of ready to eat foods, especially salads, requires high standards of hygiene. It is essential to minimise the risk of cross-contamination between different foods, both from an allergen and microbiological control point of view. As I Love Pizza has grown, higher hygiene standards have been needed. Systematisation of cleaning tools into zones, use of colours to ensure segregation of cleaning tool use, and more strict routines for cleaning and storage of tools, have all been implemented.

Filip Yuksel, Quality manager: 
"At I Love Pizza, we have used Vikan tools since the start and it works very well. With help and support from our Vikan sales representative we have learnt a lot. Not only has the hygiene level improved, but cleaning has become so much easier and more efficient for everyone. We want our guests to smile, enjoy and feel safe when dining at I Love Pizza".
“I only say, We love Vikan!”