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Asda & Vikan

- a long-time partnership of great value

City Facilities Management (City FM) have long provided Asda with a market-leading cleaning model. Offering innovative solutions and a best-in-class service to their client has ensured a long-standing partnership between the two companies.

So, 7 years ago when we were asked to look at a small cleaning issue they were experiencing with Bakery wall cleaning, it was hard to imagine that Vikan could add much to such a well-established and successful relationship.

As it turned out, we couldn’t have been much further from the truth. After solving the initial challenge, it became apparent we could support City FM with many of their other services.

Fast forward 7 years from the initial enquiry and we are proud to be a major supplier of multiple colour-coded cleaning tools, microfibre and vehicle products to every Asda Superstore and Asda Distribution Centre in the UK, totalling in excess of 400 sites.

Following extensive initial trials and consultations, we now supply a wide-range of solutions used on a daily basis across the whole of the Asda estate, including bespoke trolleys, ergonomically designed mops and colour-coded cleaning tools. These are used for all areas, from toilets and janitorial service, through to fresh food departments, canteens and car parks. Our range of transport cleaning tools are even used to keep the Home Delivery vehicles in a clean and tidy condition.

Our partnership is stronger than ever, but this doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels. We strive to challenge already market leading cleaning standards delivered by City FM with continuous improvement ideas. This means regularly introducing new innovation to the cleaning model and responding to changing conditions on site. This has never been as important as in the last 12 months, which have proved some of the most challenging times ever for the Food Retail sector.

The global pandemic has rightly resulted in much greater focus being placed on certain cleaning tasks, and has also introduced some new ones. Perspex screens are now essential for customer and colleague safety, but are a challenge to clean in place on a regular basis. Fortunately we have the products in our microfibre range to enable City to do this successfully and safely. Detail cleaning of those difficult to access areas (where dirt and bacteria gather) has never been more important. But again, we have introduced new products to our range designed specifically for these challenging tasks.

This has been proven following a survey held by the trade magazine The Grocer, which highlights Asda as being the Supermarket chain which was best prepared and organised during Covid-19 in 2020. Vikan are proud to have supported City FM and Asda throughout the whole pandemic and helped them achieve this fantastic industry recognition.

Don’t just take our word for it, visit any one of Asda Superstores and you will see our trolleys being used for janitorial cleaning, Easyshine Kits being used to clean the Perspex screens that are prevalent in all businesses now and microfibre cloths for both touch point cleaning and preparing a table for when you have your next coffee in their canteen.

Our partnership ensures that if you shop at Asda, you are in an environment where we are doing our best to keep both employees and customers as safe as possible.